London travelcard prices, and where to buy one

Adult travelcard prices 2017

Adult travelcard prices on the bus/tram
Bus & Tram 1-Day Weekly Monthly Annual
All zones £5 £21.20 £81.50 £848
Adult travelcard prices on the train
Trains 1-Day Weekly Monthly Annual
Anytime Off-peak
Zone 1-2 n/a n/a £33 £126.80 £1320
Zone 1-3 n/a n/a £38.70 £148.70 £1548
Zone 1-4 £12.30 n/a £47.30 £181.70 £1892
Zone 1-5 n/a n/a £56.20 £215.90 £2248
Zone 1-6 £17.50 £12.30 £60.20 £231.20 £2408
Zone 1-7 n/a n/a £65.40 £251.20 £2616
Zone 1-8 n/a n/a £77.30 £296.90 £3092
Zone 1-9 £22.10 £13.10 £85.70 £329.10 £3428

Anytime and off-peak? Off-peak is outside the hours of 6.30-9.30 AM and 4-7 PM (Mon-Fri). Weekends and public holidays are always off-peak

Child travelcard prices 2017

Child travelcard prices on the bus
Bus & Tram 1-Day Weekly Monthly Annual
Aged under-16
All zones n/a n/a n/a n/a
Aged 16-17 and carrying a 16+ Zip Oyster card
All zones n/a £10.60 £40.80 £424
Child travelcard prices on the train
Trains 1-Day Weekly Monthly Annual
Anytime Off-peak
Aged 11-15 and carrying an 11-15 Zip Oyster photocard
Zone 1-2 n/a n/a £16.50 £63.40 £660
Zone 1-3 n/a n/a £19.40 £74.50 £776
Zone 1-4 £6.10 £6.10 £23.70 £91.10 £948
Zone 1-5 n/a n/a £28.10 £108 £1124
Zone 1-6 £8.70 £6.10 £30.10 £115.60 £1204
Zone 1-7 n/a n/a £32.70 £125.60 £1308
Zone 1-8 n/a n/a £38.70 £148.70 £1548
Zone 1-9 £11 £6.50 £42.90 £164.80 £1716
Aged 16-17 and carrying a 16+ Zip Oyster photocard
Zone 1-2 n/a n/a £16.50 £63.40 £660
Zone 1-3 n/a n/a £19.40 £74.50 £776
Zone 1-4 £12.30 £12.30 £23.70 £91.10 £948
Zone 1-5 n/a n/a £28.10 £108 £1124
Zone 1-6 £17.50 £12.30 £30.10 £115.60 £1204
Zone 1-7 n/a n/a £32.70 £125.60 £1308
Zone 1-8 n/a n/a £38.70 £148.70 £1548
Zone 1-9 £22.10 £13.10 £42.90 £164.80 £1716

Photocards? All of the Zip Oyster photocards cost money, and must be ordered online from

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What are travelcards?

London travelcards come in two different versions. The first type just covers the buses and trams, whilst the second type includes the trains as well.

London travelcardTravelcards last for a set period of time: either one day, one week, one month, or one year; and you can travel as many times as you like during that period.

You always have to choose a date when you buy it. It is not possible to buy a dateless travelcard. It will then be valid on that date only if it’s a 1-day card, or run consecutively from that date if it’s a weekly, monthly or annual travelcard.

You will then have to decide how many zones you want it to cover. If you want to buy a 1-day travelcard then you’ll only have a choice of three: a zone 1-4 card, zone 1-6 card, or a zone 1-9 card (which also comes in peak and off-peak versions). If you want to buy a weekly or monthly travelcard then you can choose combination of zones from 1 up to 9. You can’t buy zone 1 on its own, though – the lowest they go is zones 1-2.

95% of tourists will just require a card that covers zones 1-2 (which encompasses the touristy bit), but some tourists might prefer to buy a zone 1-6 travelcard if they’re flying into Heathrow airport. The more zones you want it to cover, the higher the price. [Note: Buses don’t have zones, only the trains. So if you’re buying a bus pass then don’t worry about the zones.]

Oyster travelcard in LondonDepending on which duration you choose and where you buy it from, a travelcard will either come as a paper ticket or be put onto a plastic blue Oyster card (see below for details).

Anytime or off-peak?

Anytime Travelcards: These are the standard travelcards. They are valid on the date (or dates) printed on the ticket, and up to 4.30 AM the following morning as well. (So if it expires on the 10th, you can actually travel up to 4.30 AM on the 11th.)

Off-Peak Travelcard: If you want to save a bit of money then you can limit yourself to an Off-Peak Travelcard. You still have to choose a date, but you are also restricted to travelling after 9:30 AM on a weekday (Monday to Friday). You can travel at any time during the weekend.

Are London travelcards the cheapest way to travel?

Most tourists assume that travelcards are the cheapest way to travel on the London Underground, but that is not always the case.

1-day passes are always more expensive than the daily cap on Oyster and contactless cards.

Weekly travel passes usually work out cheaper – but it all depends on how many journeys you make. If you are planning on making two or more bus or train journeys on each of the seven days, or three or more journeys on five or six days, then a weekly travelcard is probably cheaper. Unfortunately there is no easy way to work it out. You just need to sit down and work out how many journeys you’ll be making, and then get your calculator out (sorry!).

Family travelcards

Unfortunately there is no such thing as a Family travelcard anymore. There used to be something called a ‘London Family Travelcard’ in the distant past, but everybody requires their own individual travelcard now.

Group Day Travelcards

If you are travelling in a group of ten or more then you might benefit from buying a Group Day Travelcard. See

Can travelcards be put onto an Oyster card?

Yes, they can. A weekly travelcard and monthly pass can be loaded straight onto an existing pay-as-you-go Oyster card.

This can come in quite handy if you are spending most of your time in zones 1&4, but need to make an occasional trip into zone 6 or beyond. Buying a zone 1-6 travelcard for the entire duration would be a waste of money, so now you can just buy a zone 1-4 travelcard instead, and then load a bit of extra pay-as-you-go credit on to cover those extra journeys. The computer will recognise that your travelcard already cover zones 1-4, and will only charge you for zone 6.

Note: It is not possible to load a travelcard onto a Visitor Oyster card or a contactless payment card.

Where can I get a travelcard?

One day travelcards: It is not possible to buy a 1-day travelcard for the bus/tram network in advance. You can only purchase it on the day of travel from a train station, a London Visitor Centre, or an Oyster Ticket Stop. These ones will always be put onto a blue Oyster card. (Note: The usual £5 deposit will apply if you require a new Oyster card – which comes on top of the travelcard cost.)

There are seven Visitor Centres in London: at Euston station, King’s Cross, Liverpool Street, Paddington, Piccadilly Circus, Victoria and Heathrow airport.

Oyster Ticket Stops are just high-street shops – usually newsagents – which have the blue Oyster symbol in their window.

One day travelcards for the bus/tram/train network can also be ordered directly from the Transport for London (TFL) website: These ones will be issued as a paper ticket.

1-day travelcards do not require a photocard.

Weekly travelcards: If you buy a weekly pass from a train station, a London Travel Information Centre, or an Oyster Ticket Stop, then it will be put onto a blue Oyster card. If you buy one from the TFL website then it will come as a paper ticket.

You do not need a photocard to buy a weekly travelcard – unless you buy it from a National Rail station. If you need to buy it from a train station then try and find an underground tube station instead, because you don’t need a photocard for those.

Monthly and annual travelcards: Monthly and yearly travelcards can only be bought from a train station, a London Travel Information Centre, or an Oyster Ticket Stop. They cannot be ordered from the TFL website because you need to provide them with a passport-style photograph as well. They will always be issued on a blue Oyster card.

Oyster Card + London Pass

Buy a London Pass online:
Buy an Oyster Card + London Pass

London Pass and London travelcardBefore you buy a London travelcard, you might want to look at buying a London Pass instead.

The London Pass gives you free or discounted entry into lots of popular London attractions. But you can also buy them with an Oyster card included, which you can use on the London buses and trains, saving you the hassle of buying one separately.

Can two people share one travelcard?

No. Each traveller needs their own travelcard.

Using travelcards on a bus

Using London travelcards on the bus

Using your London travelcard on the bus couldn’t be simpler. If you have a paper travelcard then just show it to the driver or the conductor.

If you have an Oyster travelcard then touch it against the big round yellow reader by the bus door. There is no need to touch the travel pass down again when you leave the bus – you only have to do that for trains.

Using travelcards on a train

How to use travel cards on the London underground

Using your travelcard on the London Underground is easy. If you have a paper travelcard then just insert it face-up into the slot at the front of the barrier. The same ticket will then pop out of a slot at the top. The gate won’t open until you remove your travelcard from this slot.

Important: Do not throw the paper travelcard away after you’ve passed through the barrier – even if it’s your final journey! Because you’ll need it to open the gate at the other end of your tube journey.

If you have an Oyster travelcard, then just touch it against the big round yellow reader at the front of the gate. The gate will then open automatically to let you through.

Ask a question

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  • Admin – “Sure. You can buy single tickets from the self-service ticket machines. It's the cash fare for zones 1-2 on our fares page (be a bit cheaper to just tap down on the gate with your contactless card, though)”
  •  Guest – “If I buy a weekly paper travelcard from a train station, will the start day to use to card be the day I buy it? Or can I tell the counter staff which day I would like to start to use the travelcard? For example, I want to buy the paper travelcard at London Paddington station on July, 1 and I would like to start to use it on July, 6. Is it possible? Thanks for your help.”
  • Admin – “It is possible, yes. You can tell them which date you want it to start. It doesn't have to be the same date that you buy it. That date will then appear on the ticket as the start date”

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