Nearest station to Speakers’ Corner

Marble Arch station

London Underground map from Transport for London
The nearest train station to Speakers’ Corner is Marble Arch
Marble Arch is in fare zone 1 and connects with these Underground lines:

Central Line

Check for delays on the Central line

Train fares from Marble Arch

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Adult train fares in London
Marble Arch is in fare zone 1 Cash Oyster & Contactless
Single Single Daily cap
Peak Off-peak Peak Off-peak
Zone 1 only £4.90 £2.40 £2.40 £7 £7
Zones 1-2 £4.90 £2.90 £2.40 £7 £7
Zones 1-3 £4.90 £3.30 £2.80 £8.20 £8.20
Zones 1-4 £5.90 £3.90 £2.80 £10.10 £10.10
Zones 1-5 £5.90 £4.70 £3.10 £12 £12
Zones 1-6 £6 £5.10 £3.10 £12.80 £12.80
Zones 1-7 £7.40 £5.60 £4 £14 £12.90
Zones 1-8 £8.50 £6.90 £4 £16.50 £12.90
Zones 1-9 £8.50 £7 £4.10 £18.30 £12.90
1-Day Weekly Monthly
Anytime Off-peak
Zones 1-4 £13.10 n/a £50.50 £194
Zones 1-6 £18.60 £13.10 £64.20 £246.60
Zones 1-9 £23.50 £13.90 £91.50 £351.40

Child fares? See our child train fares page

Anytime, peak and off-peak? For Oyster and contactless off-peak is outside the hours of 6.30-9.30 AM and 4-7 PM (Mon-Fri). For travelcards off-peak is any time after 9.30 AM (Mon-Fri). Weekends and public holidays are always off-peak. Fares are based on what time your journey begins

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Plan your journey to Marble Arch station from Earl’s Court, Euston, King’s Cross, Liverpool Street, London Bridge, Marylebone, Paddington, Victoria, Waterloo or any other Underground station:

Train journey to Speakers’ Corner

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Listen to a speech at Speakers' Corner  From Speakers’ Corner London

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  • exile – “The only people who are good at public speaking these days are the nutjobs. Because they put their all into it. When you look at the people who are supposed to be good at it, like the politicians, its all soundbites and office speak, which doesn't hold your attention. Go down to speaker's corner on a busy day and you will at least hear some stuff that holds your interest, even if it is a load of old nonsense.”
  • londonlover – “Its worth a look just to be nosey but definitely make sure that you go on Sunday morning otherwise you wouldn't even know where speaker's corner was, because there's no one there. I’ve only been a couple of times and I didn't see anyone good, but some people can get an entertaining atmosphere going in the crowd, even if they are speaking a total load of rubbish. The days when you had quality speakers like karl marx getting up on a soap box are long gone, I fear. Speaker's corner has definitely had it's day.”
  • Craig – “”

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