Woodside Park to Regent's Park by train

Train route from Woodside Park to Regent’s Park station

How to get from Woodside Park to Regent’s Park station by tube, with a time estimate of how long it takes on the London Underground

Do you have to change trains? Yes
How many stops are there? 12

1)  From Woodside Park take the Northern
2)  Change train at Euston to the Victoria
3)  Change train at Oxford Circus to the Bakerloo
4)  Leave the train at Regents Park

Tube route: Woodside Park → West Finchley → Finchley Central → East Finchley → Highgate → Archway → Tufnell Park → Kentish Town → Camden Town → Euston change train Euston → Warren Street → Oxford Circus change train Oxford Circus → Regents Park

How long does it take? The journey time between these two London underground stations is approximately 49 minutes

Which fare zones? This tube journey is in zones 1-4. You can pay with an oyster card, visitor oyster, zone 1-4 travelcard or contactless payment card. Look up the zone 1-4 fare for adults and zone 1-4 price for children

Are the trains running?  Your tube line may be affected by closures on the London Underground. You should also check whether the tube train between Woodside Park and Regent’s Park is affected by a London train strike

Return journey:  Regent’s Park to Woodside Park station

Note: This journey has been created by a computer program and may not be the fastest possible route. Closures, cancellations and delays on the Woodside Park to Regent’s Park tube route may affect your journey, and you should allow for some extra travel time on top

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Train fare from Woodside Park station to Regent’s Park

How much is the tube fare? The ticket price for Woodside Park to Regent’s Park can be found under zones 1-4 (adult) and zones 1-4 (child)

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Woodside Park tube station

London Underground tube map courtesy of Transport for London
Woodside Park station
 (zone 4)

Alternative train journey to Regent’s Park:
West Finchley to Regent’s Park or Totteridge & Whetstone to Regent’s Park


Regent’s Park tube station

London Underground tube map courtesy of Transport for London
Regent’s Park station
 (zone 1)

Alternative train route from Woodside Park:
Woodside Park to Great Portland Street, Woodside Park to Baker Street or Woodside Park to Oxford Circus

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