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Unlike black taxi cabs, minicabs rarely have a meter inside. It is therefore imperative that you negotiate a price with the minicab office before setting out, because you won’t have any way of knowing what it is. You should also reconfirm the price with the driver before he gets underway.

Where can I catch a minicab?

It is technically illegal for a minicab to tout for business in the street, so you either have to phone-up and order one, or pop into a high-street minicab office.

Sometimes minicab drivers lurk around a busy place hoping to pick someone up. Our advice is this: unless you have ordered it yourself, don’t get into a car posing as a minicab – ever. You are basically stepping into a stranger’s car.

wheelchair accessible

Minicabs use normal-looking cars, so unless you can actually get in and out of the chair yourself and fold it up then a minicab might not be suitable. The driver might also refuse to help you for insurance reasons. So you should always check with the minicab company before you book.]

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  • Admin – “Black cabs fit five people, but you have to squeeze all of your luggage into exactly the same space. So it will depend on how many bags you've got. Two of the seats are fold-down seats, and you might not be able to get one of them down if you've got a lot of big bags -- but it should be all right for four people. Minicabs use a variety of different cars. A normal everyday car might fit four if they let you sit in the front, but then you'll probably struggle to fit in all the luggage. Practically every minicab company will have bigger cars available -- but you need to tell them how many people are coming when you book it, to make sure. I would expect £100 to be the absolute maximum. It will most likely be cheaper than that. Black cabs are on the meter so the price changes depending on how long it takes. Minicabs usually quote you a fixed fare. I would definitely forget about the Heathrow Express, because that only takes you to Paddington anyway. So you'd still end up having to get another tube or taxi after that”
  •  Guest – “There is a company called mason & green. They usually charge £70. 00 for this journey with meet & greet. If you look at tripadvisor they have outstanding reviews.”

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