Driving a car in London

Driving in London

Driving in London is slow, expensive, and – if truth be told – best avoided. But if it really is the only way you can get from A to B then be wary of the rules.

First of all, be aware that all passengers must wear seatbelts (even the ones in the back), and all motorcycle riders must wear helmets.

Foreign driving licences are typically valid for up to 12 months in Britain – but you must make sure that your insurance covers foreign travel. Driving without adequate insurance in the UK is a criminal offence.

Congestion charge zone

London has started to charge cars a daily fee whenever they enter central London. This is called the ‘Congestion Charge’.

You can find out how much it costs, and what area it covers on our congestion charge page.

Car breakdown services

The two main breakdown services in London are as follows. Both of them offer 24-hour breakdown services.

AA:Tel 0870 550 0600, or 0800 887 766, or visit theaa.co.uk

RAC:Tel 0844 891 3111, or visit rac.co.uk

Find a car park in London

Make sure that you pay attention to any car parking restrictions in place, as you could be looking at £200–300 to get it released.

If it has been towed away with no information on where it has been towed to, then try ringing the Tracing Section at 0207 747 4747.

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