Bus strikes in London

Planned bus strikes

We are not aware of any planned strikes on London’s buses.

News will be posted here if any bus strikes are announced.

Find more information at the TFL website and TFL status page. You can also follow TFL’s Twitter feed and sign-up for their email alerts.

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  • Admin – “This topic is for talking about bus strikes. At the time of writing they haven't got any planned (hooray!) But that won't last very long.. Because this is London. And it wouldn't be London without the occasional bus strike every now and then. But look on the bright side.. It's a good excuse to stay in bed and not go to work. Check out our page which lists all the upcoming bus strikes in London.”
  • Admin – “I spoke too soon.. Literally two minutes after writing that, I was advised of a possible series of strikes in February. The proposed dates for the three 24-hour strikes are: Thursday 5th February 2015 Friday 13th February 2015 Monday 16th February 2015. Nothing is definite yet though. Hopefully they will be called off after talks.”
  • Admin – “[b:7aqucxkj]friday 26th August 2016 Monday 29th August 2016[/b:7aqucxkj]. The bus operator ‘tower transit’ will be affected by two 24-hour strikes over the bank holiday weekend. All of the other bus companies across London will be totally unaffected.”

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