London public transport

Everything you need to know about using London’s buses, taxis and trains. We have information about Oyster cards, travelcards and contactless cards, including how much they cost and how to get cheap fares for seniors and children. We also have a tube journey planner, and maps of local car parks and minicab companies.

Oyster cards

How to use blue Oyster cards, how much they cost, and how to top them up with credit.

Visitor Oyster cards

If you’re visiting London from abroad then you might prefer to buy a Visitor Oyster card instead, because it comes pre-loaded with credit and includes a book of discount vouchers to save you some money.


1-day, weekly, monthly and annual travelcard prices, how to use them and where to get one.

Contactless cards

Everything you need to know about paying bus and train fares using a contactless bank card in London, including the bus and train fares.

How to use the buses

Adult bus fares · Child fares

A beginner’s guide to riding on a London bus: learn about the fares and all the different ways to pay, find out about senior passes, photocards, how often the buses run, where to find a bus timetable, and how to get on and off. RecommendationsCraig recommends…If you like buses then try the No.11 sightseeing bus and No.15 heritage route. I’ve also put together a marathon bus journey and one by road, rail, sea and air.

How to use the trains

Adult train fares · Child fares

Station information:

Journey between two stations:


Journey to a tourist attraction:


Train strikes · Train delays

Check your tube journey for delays.

Black taxi cabs

Everything you need to know about catching a black taxi. See how much they cost. Learn how to book one over the phone, hail one in the street, how many people fit inside, and whether taxi drivers charge extra for luggage.

Minicab companies

Addresses, telephone numbers and opening hours for hundreds of minicab firms all over London. Search for a local minicab company by area, or find one close to a tourist attraction or London Underground station.

Boat rides

Timetables, piers and fares for the most popular ferries including City Cruises, Thames Clippers and TRS.

Barclays cycle hire

Everything you need to know about hiring and riding around on a Boris bike, including how much they cost.

Driving in London

Information about the congestion charge if you’re driving into London, and where to find a car park.

Sightseeing buses

Every visitor to London thinks about seeing the landmarks from the top-deck of a sightseeing bus.

Emirates Air Line (cable car)

Did you know about London’s cable car? Find out where it goes, how much it costs, and how often it runs.

Heathrow · Heathrow Express · Gatwick · Luton · Stansted · London City

Information about London’s airports.
Have a ride on the Docklands Light Railway The driverless Docklands Light Railway train allows you to sit right at the front, giving you a fantastic view of the track ahead.
Thames Clippers from Putney to Greenwich Thames Clippers offer one-way, return or all-day trips along a 15-mile stretch of the river between Putney and Greenwich.
Cable car across the River Thames This cable car offers fantastic views as it carries you across the Thames from the O2 Arena to the ExCel Centre in five minutes.
Ghost Bus Tour around Londons dark past The Ghost Bus Tour will take you on a journey through London's gruesome past, and into the dark heart of the capital.
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Review London Duck Tour Your kid wants to go on a sightseeing boat but you prefer a sightseeing bus, and you end up having a big ding dong argument about it and he stomps off in a huff. Well now you can avoid all o…
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