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The Colonnade TownhouseThe Colonnade Townhouse  The Colonnade Townhouse has 43 rooms and is ideally located in the heart of the West End and a short walk from Theatreland. It is within easy rea... more 
Restaurants in London
Name Area
BananaTree in London BananaTree Maida Vale
An Oriental restaurant in Randolph Avenue, about ⅓ mile from the hotel.
Cafe Rouge in London Cafe Rouge £££££Maida Vale
An expensive French restaurant at 30 Clifton Road, approx ¼ mile away. It has air conditioning, vegetarian dishes, a... more
E Bar in London E Bar Maida Vale
A restaurant in Warrington Crescent, roughly ¼ mile from the hotel.
Floating Boater in London Floating Boater ££Paddington
A good value boat restaurant in Paddington, approx ¼ mile away. It has air conditioning, a bar and sells vegetarian... more
Formosa Dining Room in London Formosa Dining Room £££££Maida Vale
An expensive European restaurant in Formosa Street, roughly ¼ mile from The Colonnade Townhouse with vegetarian opti... more
Formosina in London Formosina Maida Vale
A restaurant at 18 Formosa Street, approx ¼ mile away.
Ibuki in London Ibuki Maida Vale
A Japanese restaurant in Lauderdale Road, about ⅓ mile from the hotel.
Jason's Canal Trips & Restaurant in London Jason's Canal Trips & Restaurant ££££St. John's Wood
A pricey boat restaurant at 60 Blomfield Road, approx ¼ mile away. For a little something different, try Jason's. Th... more
Kateh in London Kateh £££££St. John's Wood
An expensive Iranian restaurant in Warwick Place, roughly ¼ mile from the hotel.
Le Cochonnet in London Le Cochonnet £££Maida Vale
A mid-cost pizzeria at 1-2 Lauderdale Road, about ⅓ mile away. Le Cochonnet is a lively bar that sells drinks and s... more
Maguro Sushi in London Maguro Sushi £££££Maida Vale
An expensive Japanese restaurant in Lanark Place, roughly ¼ mile from The Colonnade Townhouse with vegetarian option... more
Red Pepper in London Red Pepper £££££Maida Vale
An expensive Italian restaurant in Maida Vale, approx ¼ mile away. The Red Pepper serves a variety of Italian dishes... more
Summerhouse in London Summerhouse £££££St. John's Wood
An expensive European restaurant in Blomfield Road, roughly ¼ mile from the hotel, with outdoor seating.
Taxin Thai in London Taxin Thai Maida Vale
A Thai restaurant at 79 Castellain Road, about ⅓ mile away. New Taxin Thai serve a variety of Thai dishes to eat in... more
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