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Capricorn in Plumstead, London Capricorn Plumstead
An Indian restaurant in Lakedale Road, not far from Thamesmead West.
Chautari in Plumstead, London Chautari Plumstead
A Nepalese restaurant at 56 Plumstead High Street, near Thamesmead West.
De Namaste in Woolwich, London De Namaste £££££Woolwich
An expensive Nepalese restaurant in Plumstead Road, a short distance from Thamesmead West with vegetarian options.
Dunlai in Plumstead, London Dunlai £££Plumstead
A mid-cost African restaurant at 250 Plumstead High Street, close to Thamesmead West. It has vegetarian dishes, a bar and... more
Favourite in Plumstead, London Favourite Plumstead
An African restaurant in Plumstead High Street, not far from Thamesmead West.
Favourite Inn in Thamesmead West, London Favourite Inn £££Thamesmead West
A mid-cost Chinese restaurant at 12 Spray Street. It has vegetarian dishes, a bar, car parking.
Red Lion in Plumstead, London Red Lion Plumstead
A Chinese restaurant in Plumstead High Street, with vegetarian restaurant, vegetarian dishes, air conditioning. The Red L... more
Sweet Mother in Plumstead, London Sweet Mother Plumstead
An African restaurant at 136 Plumstead High Street, close to Thamesmead West. It has vegetarian dishes.
Tai Tip Mein in Thamesmead West, London Tai Tip Mein Thamesmead West
A Chinese restaurant in Woolwich New Road with vegetarian options, a bar and air conditioning.
Tasty in Woolwich, London Tasty Woolwich
An African restaurant at 16 Plumstead Road, near Thamesmead West. It has vegetarian dishes, air conditioning and a takeaw... more
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