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Ariana Restaurant in Paddington, London Ariana Restaurant £££££Paddington
An expensive Middle Eastern restaurant in Bourne Terrace, not far from Maida Vale with vegetarian options, a bar and air... more
BananaTree in Maida Vale, London BananaTree Maida Vale
An Oriental restaurant at 166-166b Randolph Avenue.
Cedar in St. John's Wood, London Cedar ££St. John's Wood
A good value Lebanese restaurant in Fernhead Road, with a takeaway service, vegetarian dishes, bar. The Cedar serves a va... more
E Bar in Maida Vale, London E Bar Maida Vale
A restaurant in Maida Vale.
Formosa Dining Room in Maida Vale, London Formosa Dining Room £££££Maida Vale
An expensive European restaurant in Formosa Street with vegetarian options, bar. The Formosa Dining Room is attached to t... more
Formosina in Maida Vale, London Formosina Maida Vale
A restaurant at 18 Formosa Street.
Ibuki in Maida Vale, London Ibuki Maida Vale
A Japanese restaurant in Lauderdale Road.
Kish in Kilburn, London Kish Kilburn
An Iranian restaurant in Kilburn, close to Maida Vale.
Le Cochonnet in Maida Vale, London Le Cochonnet £££Maida Vale
A mid-cost pizzeria in Lauderdale Road with vegetarian options, a bar, air conditioning, serves cocktails, outdoor terrac... more
Maida Vale Tandoori Restaurant in St. John's Wood, London Maida Vale Tandoori Restaurant ££St. John's Wood
A good value Indian restaurant at 49 Chippenham Road, near Maida Vale. It provides a takeaway service and sells vegetaria... more
Momtaz in St. John's Wood, London Momtaz St. John's Wood
A Lebanese restaurant in Chippenham Road, a short distance from Maida Vale.
Mosob in St. John's Wood, London Mosob £££££St. John's Wood
An expensive African restaurant at 339 Harrow Road. Mosob is a family-run Eritrean restaurant serving spicy African cuisi... more
Pars in St. John's Wood, London Pars £££££St. John's Wood
An expensive Middle Eastern restaurant in Harrow Road, not far from Maida Vale with vegetarian options, a bar and air con... more
Red Pepper in Maida Vale, London Red Pepper £££££Maida Vale
An expensive Italian restaurant in Maida Vale. The Red Pepper serves a variety of Italian dishes with a Mediterranean inf... more
Summerhouse in St. John's Wood, London Summerhouse £££££St. John's Wood
An expensive European restaurant in Blomfield Road, a short distance from Maida Vale, with outdoor seating.
Taxin Thai in Maida Vale, London Taxin Thai Maida Vale
A Thai restaurant at 79 Castellain Road. New Taxin Thai serve a variety of Thai dishes to eat in or take away. It provide... more
Thai Rice in Maida Vale, London Thai Rice £££££Maida Vale
An expensive Thai restaurant in Elgin Avenue, with an outdoor terrace, vegetarian dishes and air conditioning.
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