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KensingtonKensington Kensington has the Palace, Kensington Gardens, and many of London’s finest museums. 
Restaurants in London
Name Area
Abingdon in Kensington, London Abingdon £££££Kensington
An expensive restaurant in Abingdon Road, with a bar, outdoor terrace and sells vegetarian dishes.
Arcadia in Kensington, London Arcadia £££££Kensington
An expensive European restaurant at 35 Kensington Court. It has terrace and sells vegetarian dishes.
Archangel in Kensington, London Archangel ££££Kensington
A pricey restaurant in Kensington High Street, with cocktails, late license, dance floor, live music, DJ. Archangel is a... more
Aubaine in Kensington, London Aubaine £££££Kensington
An expensive French restaurant at 37-39 Kensington High Street.
Babylon in Kensington, London Babylon £££££Kensington
An expensive restaurant in Kensington High Street, with an outdoor terrace, vegetarian dishes. Located in The Roof Top Ga... more
Balans in Kensington, London Balans £££Kensington
A mid-cost European restaurant at 187 Kensington High Street. The Balans are a cheerful and funky chain of restaurants, u... more
Blue Smoke Restaurant in Kensington, London Blue Smoke Restaurant Kensington
An European restaurant in Wrights Lane.
Byron in Kensington, London Byron £££££Kensington
An expensive American restaurant at 222 Kensington High Street. Byron Proper Hamburgers sources its beef from fully trace... more
Cafe Rouge in Kensington, London Cafe Rouge £££££Kensington
An expensive French restaurant in Kensington Church Street, with air conditioning, vegetarian dishes, a bar, outdoor seat... more
Carluccio's in Kensington, London Carluccio's £££££Kensington
An expensive Italian restaurant at 3-5 Campden Hill Road. It has conservatory, takeaway service and sells vegetarian dish... more
Chez Patrick in Kensington, London Chez Patrick £££Kensington
A mid-cost French restaurant in Stratford Road with vegetarian options. Chez Patrick is a French restaurant serving seafo... more
Cote  in Kensington, London Cote  £££££Kensington
An expensive French restaurant at 47 Kensington Court. Cote is a modern French bistro offering some of the classic & simp... more
Feng Sushi in Kensington, London Feng Sushi £££Kensington
A mid-cost Japanese restaurant in Kensington Church Street with vegetarian options.
Foubert's Cafe & Restaurant in Kensington, London Foubert's Cafe & Restaurant ££Kensington
A good value Italian restaurant at 17 Kensington High Street. Fouberts is a restaurant serving Italian cuisine.
Giraffe in Kensington, London Giraffe £££££Kensington
An expensive restaurant in Kensington High Street, with a bar and sells vegetarian dishes.
Kensington Square Kitchen in Kensington, London Kensington Square Kitchen £££££Kensington
An expensive restaurant in Kensington. Kensington Square Kitchen is a daytime-only cafe and restaurant with a lunchtime m... more
Kensington Tandoori in Kensington, London Kensington Tandoori ££££Kensington
A pricey Indian restaurant in Abingdon Road, with a takeaway service and sells vegetarian dishes.
Kitchen W8 in Kensington, London Kitchen W8 £££££Kensington
An expensive European restaurant at 11-13 Abingdon Road.
Locanda-Ottoemezzo in Kensington, London Locanda-Ottoemezzo £££££Kensington
An expensive Italian restaurant in Thackeray Street, with conservatory and sells vegetarian dishes.
Maggie Jones's in Kensington, London Maggie Jones's £££££Kensington
An expensive restaurant in Kensington. It has vegetarian dishes.
Mimino Georgian Restaurant in Kensington, London Mimino Georgian Restaurant £££££Kensington
An expensive brasserie in Kensington High Street.
My Old Dutch in Kensington, London My Old Dutch £££££Kensington
An expensive creperie at 16 Kensington Church Street.
Naga in Kensington, London Naga Kensington
An Oriental restaurant in Abingdon Road.
Nando's in Kensington, London Nando's £££Kensington
A mid-cost Portuguese restaurant at 229-231 Kensington High Street. It has air conditioning, car parking, outdoor seating... more
Nineteen Ten Mexican Kitchen in Kensington, London Nineteen Ten Mexican Kitchen Kensington
A Mexican restaurant in Kensington High Street.
Papaya Tree in Kensington, London Papaya Tree £££££Kensington
An expensive Thai restaurant at 209a Kensington High Street. The Papaya Tree is a family run cafe in a basement on Kensin... more
Piano Bar & Restaurant in Kensington, London Piano Bar & Restaurant £££££Kensington
An expensive restaurant in Kensington High Street, with air conditioning, a bar, live music and sells vegetarian dishes.
PizzaExpress in Kensington, London PizzaExpress £££Kensington
A mid-cost pizzeria at 35 Earls Court Road. The simple menu and kitchen concept at PizzaExpress has retained its freshly... more
Prezzo in , London Prezzo £££
A mid-cost Italian restaurant in Kensington High Street, with air conditioning, vegetarian dishes, conservatory, a bar, c... more
Randa in Kensington, London Randa £££££Kensington
An expensive Lebanese restaurant at 23 Kensington Church Street. Maroush is a chain of upmarket Lebanese restaurants with... more
Ranoush Juice in Kensington, London Ranoush Juice Kensington
A Lebanese restaurant in Kensington High Street, with outdoor seating and sells vegetarian dishes.
Romano's in Kensington, London Romano's ££££Kensington
A pricey Italian restaurant at 32 Kensington Church Street. It has terrace.
Senses Restaurant in Kensington, London Senses Restaurant Kensington
A restaurant in Wrights Lane.
Soprano's in Kensington, London Soprano's £££££Kensington
An expensive restaurant at 183 Kensington High Street.
Spaghetti House in Kensington, London Spaghetti House Kensington
An Italian restaurant in Kensington High Street, with air conditioning and sells vegetarian dishes.
Stick & Bowl in Kensington, London Stick & Bowl ££Kensington
A cheap Chinese restaurant at 31 Kensington High Street. Stick & Bowl is a well established noodle-house with faithful cl... more
Sticky Fingers in Kensington, London Sticky Fingers ££££Kensington
A pricey American restaurant in Phillimore Gardens, with a takeaway service, vegetarian dishes. Sticky Fingers is owned b... more
Strada in Kensington, London Strada £££Kensington
A mid-cost Italian restaurant at 29 Kensington High Street. Strada is a chain of restaurants that serve retro Italian dis... more
Terrace in Kensington, London Terrace Kensington
A restaurant in Holland Street.
Thai Terrace in Kensington, London Thai Terrace ££££Kensington
A pricey Thai restaurant at 14 Wrights Lane. The Thai Terrace serve a range of Thai dishes including seafood in addition... more
Wagamama in Kensington, London Wagamama £££Kensington
A mid-cost Japanese restaurant in Kensington High Street, with air conditioning, vegetarian dishes, a bar, disabled acces... more
Whits in Kensington, London Whits £££££Kensington
An expensive restaurant at 21 Abingdon Road. It has a bar.
Yashin in Kensington, London Yashin £££££Kensington
An expensive Seafood restaurant in Argyll Road, with air conditioning, vegetarian dishes and a bar.
Zaika in Kensington, London Zaika £££££Kensington
An expensive Indian restaurant in Kensington. Zaika is an Indian restaurant whose chef, Vineet Bhatia, creates dishes tha... more
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