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Almeida in Islington, London Almeida £££££Islington
An expensive European restaurant in Almeida Street.
Antepiller in Islington, London Antepiller Islington
A Turkish restaurant at 139 Upper Street.
Antonio's Ristorante in Islington, London Antonio's Ristorante £££££Islington
An expensive Italian restaurant in Upper Street, with a bar.
Blue Legume in Islington, London Blue Legume £££££Islington
An expensive French restaurant at 177 Upper Street. It has vegetarian dishes and a takeaway service.
Busan in Holloway, London Busan Holloway
A Japanese restaurant in Holloway Road, not far from Islington.
Cafe Gallipoli Again in Islington, London Cafe Gallipoli Again £££Islington
A mid-cost Turkish restaurant at 120 Upper Street. Gallipoli serve a variety of Turkish and vegetarian dishes as well as... more
Canonbury Kitchen in Canonbury, London Canonbury Kitchen Canonbury
An Italian restaurant in Canonbury Lane, a short distance from Islington.
Coconut Grove Cafe in Canonbury, London Coconut Grove Cafe £££££Canonbury
An expensive Thai restaurant at 226 St. Pauls Road. Coconut Grove Cafe serves traditional Thai cuisine with a takeaway se... more
Comedor Grill & Bar in Islington, London Comedor Grill & Bar Islington
An American restaurant in Upper Street.
Fig & Olive in Islington, London Fig & Olive £££££Islington
An expensive European restaurant at 151 Upper Street. It has vegetarian dishes.
Firezza in Canonbury, London Firezza ££££Canonbury
A pricey pizzeria in St. Pauls Road, a short distance from Islington, with delivery and a takeaway service.
Fish & Chip Shop in Islington, London Fish & Chip Shop Islington
A Seafood restaurant at 189 Upper Street.
Gem in Canonbury, London Gem Canonbury
A Turkish restaurant in Upper Street, not far from Islington.
House in Canonbury, London House £££££Canonbury
An expensive restaurant at 63-69 Canonbury Road. The House brings a new edge to the pub experience. Michelin-starred head... more
Isarn in Islington, London Isarn £££££Islington
An expensive Thai restaurant in Upper Street with vegetarian options.
Junction in Highbury, London Junction £££££Highbury
An expensive restaurant at 2a Corsica Street. When brb began in 1998 with the original 'bar room bar' in Hampstead, north... more
Kika in Canonbury, London Kika ££££Canonbury
A pricey Philippine restaurant in St. Pauls Road, not far from Islington with vegetarian options.
Kitchenette in Islington, London Kitchenette Islington
A restaurant at 133b Upper Street.
La Muse in Holloway, London La Muse Holloway
A French restaurant in Holloway Road, a short distance from Islington with vegetarian options, a bar and a takeaway servi... more
La Pasta in Highbury, London La Pasta Highbury
An Italian restaurant at 17-19 Highbury Corner, close to Islington. It has vegetarian dishes, a bar and a takeaway servic... more
La Petite Auberge in Canonbury, London La Petite Auberge ££££Canonbury
A pricey French restaurant in Upper Street with vegetarian options. La Petite Auberge serve a variety of French and veget... more
La Porchetta in Islington, London La Porchetta £££££Islington
An expensive Italian restaurant at 141-142 Upper Street. It provides a takeaway service.
Le Mercury in Islington, London Le Mercury ££Islington
A good value French restaurant in Upper Street with vegetarian options.
Le Mercury Deuxieme in Islington, London Le Mercury Deuxieme Islington
A French restaurant at 154-155 Upper Street.
Memsaab in Holloway, London Memsaab Holloway
An Indian restaurant in Westbourne Road, not far from Islington.
Noa in Islington, London Noa Islington
A Turkish restaurant at 247 Upper Street.
Pasha Restaurant in Canonbury, London Pasha Restaurant ££££Canonbury
A pricey Turkish restaurant in Upper Street, a short distance from Islington, with a takeaway service and sells vegetaria... more
Pera in Islington, London Pera Islington
A Mediterranean restaurant at 170 Upper Street.
Rabieng Thai Restaurant in Islington, London Rabieng Thai Restaurant Islington
A Thai restaurant in Upper Street with vegetarian options. Rabieng Thai Restaurant serves traditional Thai cuisine.
Ristorante Trevi in Highbury, London Ristorante Trevi Highbury
An Italian restaurant at 16-18 Highbury Corner, near Islington. It has vegetarian dishes, a bar and a takeaway service.
Sen Nin in Islington, London Sen Nin £££££Islington
An expensive Japanese restaurant in Upper Street. Sen Nin is a Teppanyaki and sushi restaurant on Upper Street with cockt... more
Standard Tandoori Restaurant in Holloway, London Standard Tandoori Restaurant Holloway
An Indian restaurant at 87 Holloway Road, close to Islington. It provides a takeaway service.
Tbilisi in Holloway, London Tbilisi £££££Holloway
An expensive Russian restaurant in Holloway Road, not far from Islington with vegetarian options.
Terra Sarda in Canonbury, London Terra Sarda Canonbury
An Italian restaurant at 279a Upper Street, near Islington.
Thai Corner Cafe in Canonbury, London Thai Corner Cafe Canonbury
A Thai restaurant in St. Pauls Road with vegetarian options. Thai Corner serves a variety of popular Thai dishes at their... more
Trullo in Canonbury, London Trullo £££££Canonbury
An expensive Italian restaurant at 300-302 St. Pauls Road, close to Islington.
Viet Garden in Islington, London Viet Garden Islington
A Vietnamese restaurant in Liverpool Road with vegetarian options.
Zaffrani in Canonbury, London Zaffrani Canonbury
An Indian restaurant at 47 Cross Street. It has vegetarian dishes, takeaway service, home delivery, a bar and air conditi... more
Ziloufs in Canonbury, London Ziloufs ££££Canonbury
A pricey restaurant in Upper Street, a short distance from Islington with vegetarian options. Ziloufs serves traditional... more
Zoe Restaurant in Islington, London Zoe Restaurant Islington
An European restaurant at 149a Upper Street.
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