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Adrak in Hammersmith, London Adrak Hammersmith
An Indian restaurant in King Street.
Cafe Maja in Hammersmith, London Cafe Maja ££Hammersmith
A good value Polish restaurant at 238-246 King Street. It has vegetarian dishes.
Capri Restaurant in Hammersmith, London Capri Restaurant £££Hammersmith
A mid-cost Italian restaurant in Holcombe Street with vegetarian options.
Casa Mia in Hammersmith, London Casa Mia £££££Hammersmith
An expensive Italian restaurant at 209 King Street.
Charm in Hammersmith, London Charm £££££Hammersmith
An expensive Thai restaurant in King Street.
Chianti Village  in Hammersmith, London Chianti Village  Hammersmith
An Italian restaurant at 177 King Street.
da nang in Hammersmith, London da nang Hammersmith
A Vietnamese restaurant in King Street, with a bar.
Donde Carlos Restaurant in Shepherd's Bush, London Donde Carlos Restaurant Shepherd's Bush
An American restaurant at 143 Goldhawk Road, close to Hammersmith.
Eat Tokyo in Hammersmith, London Eat Tokyo Hammersmith
A Japanese restaurant in King Street.
First League in Hammersmith, London First League Hammersmith
A Polish restaurant at 268 King Street.
Grove Bar & Restaurant in Hammersmith, London Grove Bar & Restaurant £££££Hammersmith
An expensive restaurant in Hammersmith Grove, with a bar, outdoor terrace. The Grove Bar & Restaurant is a pub/bar and re... more
Indian Zing in Hammersmith, London Indian Zing £££££Hammersmith
An expensive Indian restaurant at 236 King Street. Indian Zing serves contemporary Indian cuisine in simplistic and styli... more
Kathmandu Inn Tandoori in Hammersmith, London Kathmandu Inn Tandoori Hammersmith
A Nepalese restaurant in Paddenswick Road, with a takeaway service, vegetarian dishes. Kathmandu Inn Tandoori serve a var... more
Kattara in Hammersmith, London Kattara Hammersmith
A Lebanese restaurant at 130 King Street.
La Piccola Pizzeria in Hammersmith, London La Piccola Pizzeria ££Hammersmith
A good value Italian restaurant in King Street, with a takeaway service, vegetarian dishes. La Piccola Pizzeria serve a v... more
Lowiczanka Polish Centre Restaurant in Hammersmith, London Lowiczanka Polish Centre Restaurant £££Hammersmith
A mid-cost Polish restaurant at 238-246 King Street. The Lowiczanka Polish Centre Restaurant offers an assorted menu with... more
Mahdi in Hammersmith, London Mahdi ££Hammersmith
A good value Middle Eastern restaurant in King Street with vegetarian options.
Mez Ban in Hammersmith, London Mez Ban Hammersmith
An Indian restaurant at 103 Hammersmith Grove. It has delivery, outdoor terrace and sells vegetarian dishes.
Pizza Hut in Hammersmith, London Pizza Hut ££Hammersmith
A cheap pizzeria in King Street, with a takeaway service, air conditioning, vegetarian dishes, home delivery, a bar, buff... more
Rajput Tandoori Restaurant in Shepherd's Bush, London Rajput Tandoori Restaurant ££Shepherd's Bush
A cheap Indian restaurant at 144 Goldhawk Road. Rajput Tandoori Restaurant serve a variety of Indian dishes at their rest... more
Robin Hood in Hammersmith, London Robin Hood £££Hammersmith
A mid-cost Mexican restaurant in King Street with vegetarian options. The Robin Hood Zorro is an Anglo-Mexican restaurant... more
Sagar in Hammersmith, London Sagar ££Hammersmith
A cheap Vegetarian restaurant at 157 King Street. It provides a takeaway service and sells vegetarian dishes.
Sanboa Kitchen in Hammersmith, London Sanboa Kitchen Hammersmith
A Chinese restaurant in King Street.
Shilpa in Hammersmith, London Shilpa ££Hammersmith
A good value Indian restaurant at 206 King Street. Shilpa is an Indian restaurant serving Keralan food in a relaxed setti... more
Yoshi Sushi in Hammersmith, London Yoshi Sushi £££££Hammersmith
An expensive Japanese restaurant in King Street, with a takeaway service and sells vegetarian dishes.
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