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Asmara Restaurant in Brixton, London Asmara Restaurant ££Brixton
A good value African restaurant in Coldharbour Lane, with a takeaway service, vegetarian dishes, bar. Asmara Restaurant i... more
Baan Thai in Brixton, London Baan Thai ££Brixton
A good value Thai restaurant at 401 Coldharbour Lane. Baan Thai is a small, intimate restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere... more
Bellantoni's in Brixton, London Bellantoni's Brixton
An Italian restaurant in Granville Arcade.
Bombay Kitchen in Brixton, London Bombay Kitchen Brixton
An Indian restaurant at 384 Coldharbour Lane.
Brixton Village Grill'd in Brixton, London Brixton Village Grill'd Brixton
A restaurant in Granville Arcade.
Buckowski in Brixton, London Buckowski Brixton
A restaurant at 10 Market Row.
Casa Morita in Brixton, London Casa Morita Brixton
A Mexican restaurant in Market Row, with outdoor seating.
Courtesan in Brixton, London Courtesan Brixton
A Japanese restaurant at 71-73 Atlantic Road.
Curry Ono in Brixton, London Curry Ono Brixton
A Japanese restaurant in Market Row.
El Rancho De Lalo in Brixton, London El Rancho De Lalo Brixton
A Colombian restaurant at 94-95 Granville Arcade.
Elpenol in Stockwell, London Elpenol Stockwell
A restaurant in Brixton Road, a short distance from Brixton.
Etta's Seafood Kitchen in Brixton, London Etta's Seafood Kitchen Brixton
A Seafood restaurant at 85 Granville Arcade.
Franco Manca in Brixton, London Franco Manca ££Brixton
A good value pizzeria in Market Row.
Fujiyama Noodle Bar in Brixton, London Fujiyama Noodle Bar £££Brixton
A mid-cost Japanese restaurant at 5-7 Vining Street. It has vegetarian dishes and air conditioning.
Gyoza in Brixton, London Gyoza ££££Brixton
A pricey Oriental restaurant in Coldharbour Lane with vegetarian options, a bar, air conditioning, disabled access.
Healthy Eaters in Brixton, London Healthy Eaters £££Brixton
A mid-cost Jamaican restaurant at 17 Electric Avenue.
Honest Burgers in Brixton, London Honest Burgers Brixton
An American restaurant in Granville Arcade.
Ichiban Sushi in Brixton, London Ichiban Sushi ££££Brixton
A pricey Japanese restaurant at 58a Atlantic Road. Ichiban Sushi serve a variety of Japanese dishes including sushi, and... more
Kaosarn in Brixton, London Kaosarn Brixton
A Thai restaurant in Granville Arcade.
Lounge in Brixton, London Lounge Brixton
A brasserie at 56 Atlantic Road. It has vegetarian dishes, air conditioning and a bar.
Majestic Restaurant in Brixton, London Majestic Restaurant £££££Brixton
An expensive African restaurant in Coldharbour Lane with vegetarian options. The Majestic Restaurant sells a wide range o... more
May Foods in Brixton, London May Foods Brixton
An African restaurant at 16c Market Row.
My Father's Place in Brixton, London My Father's Place ££Brixton
A good value Caribbean restaurant in Coldharbour Lane with vegetarian options.
Nando's in Stockwell, London Nando's £££Stockwell
A mid-cost Portuguese restaurant at 234-244 Stockwell Road. Nando's serve spicy cajun food. Choose from a choice of tangy... more
Provincial in Brixton, London Provincial Brixton
A Colombian restaurant in Market Row.
Satay Bar in Brixton, London Satay Bar ££££Brixton
A pricey Indonesian restaurant at 447-455 Coldharbour Lane. Satay Bar serve a variety of Thai and Indonesian dishes at th... more
Spice Hut in Brixton, London Spice Hut Brixton
An Indian restaurant in Brixton Station Road.
SW9 in Brixton, London SW9 ££Brixton
A good value restaurant at 11 Dorrell Place. SW9 serve a variety of European dishes including breakfast. They also have D... more
Ultimate in Brixton, London Ultimate Brixton
A Seafood restaurant in Coldharbour Lane.
Yum-D in Brixton, London Yum-D Brixton
A Thai restaurant at 14d Market Row.
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