London trip planner & Top 10 Lists

Here are some example itineraries and Top 10 lists to give you a few holiday ideas. The day plans include a wide variety of attractions with some some choices built into them, so you can swap out any that you don’t like. A good rule-of-thumb is to try and visit three attractions each day. Four is just about doable if you rush, or if the final place stays open late.

Trip Planner

One of the best bits about going on holiday is sitting at home and planning it. That’s where our London trip planner comes in… 1) Bookmark your favourite places Click the Add to planner buttons in our attractions, events and train journey sections to bookmark your favourites. Then click View planner or your itinerary 2) Personalise your planner There’s no need to sign-up to use our planner, but if you register on the forum then you can add a title and your own comments under each attraction 3) Ask for some feedback Once you’ve created an itinerary a link will appear to post it on the forum where we can give you some feedback

Top 10 lists

Top 25: London Bucket List

Here’s our big list of attractions that every tourist should try and visit when they come to London. This ultimate bucket list contains 25 must-see attractions – which is more than enough to fill up an entire week.

Top 10 most visited attractions

Here are the Top 10 most visited attractions in London. Be aware that the most popular places also tend to have the largest queues and the highest prices!

Top 10 kid’s attractions

Trying to plan a family holiday isn’t easy. That’s where this list comes in, because 99% of the country’s kids should enjoy the attractions we’re recommended here.

Top 10 free attractions

There are enough free museums, galleries, parks, parades and high viewing spots for a tourist to spend a whole week in London without spending any money.

Top 10 places to take a photo

Here are the ten most popular places for tourists to take a photo. You can’t come to London and not get some selfies to impress your friends and families back home.

Top 10 London landmarks

There are enough landmarks in London for a list three times this size, but here are the ten best. You can read about the rest of them in our city guide.

Top 10 art galleries

London has some of the finest art galleries in the world. Here’s our pick of the ten best that art lovers should try and visit – half of which are completely free.

Top 10 museums

Whether you’re interested in the monarchy, the military, or ancient civilisations, London has probably got a museum devoted to it. Here’s our pick of the ten best.

Top 10 historic sites

London’s history goes all the way back to the Romans, and we’ve still got lots of medieval and Tudor buildings still standing. Here’s a list of our favourite places.

Top 10 parks and gardens

Some people bring their kids to London, and some bring their dogs. If you fancy a walk in one of London’s beautiful public parks then try these places first.

Top 10 annual events

Here’s a guide to best sporting and seasonal events that take place in London every year, and the best pomp and pageantry parades like Trooping the Colour.

Top 10 day trips

If you’re staying here for a while then you’ll probably have time for a day trip outside of London. We’re ranked the best places to help you make your choice.

Example holiday itineraries

London in one day

If you’re only visiting London for one day then you’ll want to do some speedy sightseeing and try and cram in as many famous landmarks as possible.

London in one day (with kids)

If you’re taking your children to London for a day then preferably you need a few good attractions that are close together. Here are some ideas for a happy day.

London in two days

If you’re coming to London over­night or at the weekend then you’ll have more time to see the sights and can enter a few of the most famous tourist attractions.

London in two days (with kids)

Here’s a couple of family-friendly itineraries we’ve put together especially for parents who are bringing their young children to London for two days.

London in three days

We recommend that you spend a minimum of three days in London if you want time to see all the best sights and do some shopping without having to rush around.

London in four days

Four days is an ideal length for a holiday in London. You can see everything worth seeing, take a bus or a boat trip, see a show, and do some shopping as well.

London in five days

Five days will give you plenty of time to see all the landmarks and attractions in London, and then squeeze a day-trip on to the end of your itinerary.

London in six days

Spending six days in London will allow you to include a day-trip to somewhere like Stonehenge. Or how about visiting the beautiful towns of Oxford or Cambridge?

London in a week

Seven days is ample time to do everything. You can see all of the sights, visit all of the attractions, and see absolutely everything that London has to offer.
Dorothea Tanning retrospective The Tate Modern will be putting on an exhibition that looks back over the long career of surrealist artist Dorothea Tanning
Yxng Bane at the O2 Academy Brixton East London rapper Yxng Bane is playing a huge headline show at the O2 Academy Brixton in March
Berliozs Requiem at St. Pauls Cathedral The Philharmonia Orchestra and Chorus will be giving a performance of Berlioz's Requiem at St. Paul's Cathedral.
Elizabethan Miniatures by Hilliard and Oliver The Elizabethan Treasures exhibition brings together many of the best miniature paintings from the 16th and 17th-century
Guided tour of London on a bicycle Forget the sightseeing buses and jump on your bike... and see the sights and landmarks of London from your saddle.
After-hours Victorian surgery demonstration Visit the 19th-century Operating Theatre after-hours and witness what a Victorian operation was like from the stands
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