Whiskey tasting at Dr Johnson’s House

Dr. Johnson’s House, 17 Gough Square (off Fleet Street), The City, London
0207 353 3745

Dates and ticket price

Dates & Time:
25th April 2019
7 PM
Tickets & Cost:
£40, from drjohnsonshouse.org

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In 1773, Samuel Johnson and James Boswell went on a grand tour of Scotland and naturally sampled a few of the local tipples along the way... or the "water of life", as they liked to call it.

Now you can take part in a a special evening of whiskey tasting in his 18th-century townhouse, trying six different premium Scotch whiskies, and exploring the fascinating history of this popular spirit.

You might like to read Craig's review of Dr Johnson's House on his blog, which includes a few photos of what it's like inside. You might fancy having a pre-tasting drink in his local pub as well: Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese (145 Fleet Street, sixty seconds from Dr Johnson's House). The great man was said to be a regular in this 17th-century wood-panelled pub, so now you've got an excuse to raise a glass to him before you go (you can pretend you're doing research).


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> Craig’s review of Dr. Johnson’s House – “If you flick through a few London guidebooks then it won't be long before you find the phrase "If you're tired of London, you're tired of life". It's the go-to quote when you're writing about our city. Well, the guy who wrote that line used to live here -- at Dr. Johnson's House. Samuel Johnson was the famous writer and wit who wrote the first dictionary. I… continued”

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