Brutal Structures — Architecture Walking Tour

Barbican Centre, Silk Street, Barbican, London
0207 638 8891

Dates and ticket price

Dates & Time:
30th March, 27th April and 18th May 2019
10.30 AM to 12 Noon, and 2 PM to 3.30 PM
Tickets & Cost:
£12, from

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The Barbican and writer Chris Rogers will be putting on an architectural walk around the Square Mile to look at some of London's best brutalist buildings.

Amongst the City of London's glass skyscrapers and old stone facades are some buildings executed in a very different material: concrete. This tour will take a fresh look at these often overlooked structures, revealing some of the subtle variety present in this controversial architectural movement.

Note: The walk will begin at the Barbican Shop on Level G.


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