After-hours Victorian surgery demonstration (Mar 2019)

Old Operating Theatre, 9A St. Thomas’ Street, Southwark, London
0207 188 2679

Dates and ticket price

Dates & Time:
7th March and 9th May 2019
2 PM to 5 PM (Mon); 10.30 AM to 5 PM (Tue-Sun)
Tickets & Cost:
See for more details
Note: This event is not recommended for children under the age of 12 to the gruesome subject matter

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This event has already passed

In the days before anaesthesia had been discovered operations had to be extremely quick because the chances of a patient dying on the table was very high. (And also the constant screaming must have got on the doctor's nerves!)

If the patient was lucky he would pass out from the pain within the first few seconds, but if he was made of much stronger stuff then he had to make do with a strong drink beforehand and a block of wood to bite down on.

If you'd like to get a taste of the horrors that Victorian patients had to endure then get yourself down to the Old Operating Theatre for an after-hours demonstration on their the authentic operating table.

The Old Operating Theatre is a remarkable time-capsule that survived hidden in the rafters of the old St. Thomas's Hospital. When you tiptoe up the creaky old stairs you find yourself in a... er... how can we best describe it? -- it's like a witch's cottage in the forest. It sounds daft, but you will totally understand what we mean when you see it. Check out the photos in Craig's review of the Old Operating Theatre to show you we're not joking.

The actual Operating Theatre itself is like a mini-amphitheatre, with wooden balconies around a plain wooden table in the pit. That's where the patient will be lying (screaming) while you watch (cower) in the stands. Whilst he is writhing in pain the doctor will explain some of the methods the Victorians used, and how they compare with the methods today.

Craig has never been to this actual event (he's too frightened), but you can have a read of his review on his blog to see what the Operating Theatre looks like inside.


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> Craig’s review of Old Operating Theatre – “You'll find the Old Operating Theatre and Herb Garret in an attic at the top of a tower, and you have to climb up a tight and winding wooden staircase to reach it. It's not your normal kind of museum. It's like a creaky-old cottage in the rafters -- a bit like a witch's cottage in the woods. You probably think that I'm exaggerating, but I promise you I'm not. I'm bein… continued”

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