Yoga class on the glass floor at Tower Bridge (Feb 2018)

, Tower Bridge Road, London51.505489 -0.075352
0207 403 3761

Dates and ticket price

Dates & Time:
, 3rd and
7.30 AM to 8.20 AM (Wed); 8.30 AM to 8.50 AM (Sat)
Note: You need to arrive 15 mins early because it's a very prompt start
Tickets & Cost:
£25 per person

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Tower Bridge is #7 in our London Bucket List

Now you can do some yoga and scare yourself silly at the same time, whilst enjoying the river views from Tower Bridge.

Tower Bridge has decided to replace some of their rock-solid floor in the top walkway with a very flimsy-looking sheet of glass (at least, that's what it looks like to me!). You can actually stand on it and see the cars rumbling by on the road below -- 42 metres below, to be exact. And some bright spark has now had the bright idea of holding an early morning yoga class up there -- actually on the glass!

I thought the whole point of doing yoga was to relax you, and de-stress you, so making you sit cross-legged on a paper-thin piece of glass seems rather counter-productive to me, but hey -- it's probably quite exciting as well.

The good news is that the glass is capable of withstanding the weight of one elephant and two black cabs combined. Although how they actually managed to get an elephant and two black cabs up there to test it out, I do not know (it's a very small lift).

Only a small number of yoga mats are provided so you are advised to bring your own. If you really want to maximise your enjoyment(?) of the glass floor, then it is recommended that you use gripped gloves and socks instead.

Craig has never actually been to the yoga class (Craig doing some exercise? Don't be silly!), but he has been to Tower Bridge and written a little review of the glass floors. If you'd like to read it then check out his London Blog.


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Craig’s review of Tower Bridge – “The first time I came to Tower Bridge I wasn't all that impressed, but I quite liked it today. Maybe that's because I'm four years older (I feel about ten years older). Maybe it's because I'm more easily pleased. Maybe it's because the sun was out. Who knows. But it's still basically the same stuff inside apart from the glass floors. The first thing they do is take y… continued”

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