Celebrate the Chinese New Year (Feb 2019)

Chinatown, Around Gerrard Street and Lisle Street, Soho, London

Dates and ticket price

Dates & Time:
10th February 2019
The parade starts at 10 AM in Duncannon Street (by St. Martin-in-the-Fields), passing through Charing Cross Road, Shaftesbury Avenue and Chinatown, before arriving at Trafalgar Square at around 12 noon
The performance stages in Trafalgar Square will open from 12 noon to 6 PM, and the big finale will start at 5.30 PM
Tickets & Cost:
Free to watch
See lccauk.com for more information

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This event has already passed

Chinese New Year is No.9 in our list of the Top 10 annual events in London

Get down to Chinatown and celebrate the Year of the Pig. Chinese New Year falls on the 5th February this year, but the main celebrations will take place on the following Sunday (10th).

People born in the Year of the Pig (1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995 and 2007) are supposed to be warm-hearted, honest, loyal and gentle (that sounds like me). Unfortunately they are also supposed to be naive, gullible and short-tempered (okay, I've changed my mind -- maybe it's not me after all!). Their lucky numbers are 2, 5 and 8 -- but steer clear of 1, 3 and 9 because they'll bring you bad luck. Their lucky colours are yellow, gold, gray and brown. They lucky flower is a hydrangea, and their lucky directions are southeast and northeast (yes, seriously!).

More than half a million people are expected to descend on the capital for a spectacular parade of paper-mache lions, fire-breathing dragons and oriental dancers, making their way from Trafalgar Square to Chinatown and back again.

The parade will start in Duncannon Street (by St. Martin-in-the-Fields) at 10 AM. It will then move up Charing Cross Road to Cambridge Circus, and turn left down Shaftesbury Avenue to Chinatown. It will then arrive back at Trafalgar Square at around 12 noon, where the official ceremony will take place.

In Trafalgar Square they'll be setting up a large stage for the dance troupes, acrobats, dragons (not real ones!), opera singers and martial arts (12 noon to 6 PM). The big finale will start at 5.30 PM and will have plenty of firecrackers and fireworks, and maybe a light-show projected onto Nelson's Column (that's what they had last time).

There will be plenty more stalls along Wardour Street and Gerrard Street, and probably another stage in Shaftesbury Avenue (by the entrance to Chinatown). You might want to try some of the restaurants in Chinatown as well. It's a really great time of year to try them because all the red lanterns and decorations will be strung up, which will add greatly to the atmosphere -- it's so great we've put it on our list of 10 best annual events in London.

You might want to learn a couple of phrases for the day (just to get into the spirit of it): "Xin Nian Kuai Le" means "Happy New Year" in Mandarin, and "San Nin Faai Lok" is the same in Cantonese. But don't ask us how to pronounce them, because we haven't got a clue. You'll be hearing them all day anyway, so you should pick them up quickly enough.

Craig has never been to the New Year Celebrations themselves, but he has written a big review of Chinatown. Feel free to ask him some questions about Chinatown before you go. Or maybe you'd like to write your own review in the forum.


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Craig’s review of Chinatown – “I wonder if the whole of China looks like Chinatown? It looks like one of those themed zones you find at amusement parks. A big stone dragon? check! A huge wooden pagoda with green roof tiles? check! Red paper lanterns hanging from the lampposts? check! Watercolour paintings of waterfalls and blossom trees? check! Golden cats and pottery Buddhas? check! Wizened old l… continued”

Read Craig’s review of Chinatown

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If you enjoy Chinatown then you might like to visit Gerrard Street (you can walk there in less than 1 min), Leicester Square (you can walk it in less than 2 mins), Piccadilly Circus (you can walk it in 4 mins) and Soho (you can walk it in 6 mins)

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