Guided walk around Roman Londinium

The City, London

Dates and ticket price

Dates & Time:
10th October 2018 28th December 2019 Every Wednesday and Saturday
11 AM to 12.45 PM (Wed); 2 PM to 3.45 PM (Sat)
Tickets & Cost:
£10 per person. There's no need to book in advance - just meet the guide at the City Information Centre opposite St Paul's Cathedral
The walk ends outside the Museum of London

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To be honest there's not a huge amount of Roman London left above ground (we can thank Boudicca for that!) -- but what's left is definitely worth seeing on this guided walk.

The highlight of the walk is when you first clap eyes on London's old amphitheatre underneath the Guildhall Art Gallery. The exhibition room is very dark and quiet inside, and you can see a big chunk of the inner ring and entrance passageway. If you have a quick read of Craig's review then you can see some photos of it.

The tour will also show you some substantial pieces of the old city wall, and what's left of the military fort near the Barbican. You'll find some photos of that in Craig's review of Roman London.

That's all the information we've got for the walk itself, but if you're interested in Roman London then there are a couple of extra places worth visiting. (Note: they aren't included on this walk.) The most impressive remains are the London Mithraeum and Billingsgate Roman House and Baths, which you can find underneath an office block in Lower Thames Street. There's also a small piece of Roman pavement in the crypt of All Hallows by the Tower, and a famous (but fake) Roman Bath in Surrey Street.


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> Craig’s review of The City – “I thought I'd just hang around The City today, the so-called "Square Mile". That's the bit inside the old city walls where all the big banks and financial institutions live. If you want to make some new friends then try catching the tube from Waterloo to Bank at half-8 in the morning -- when all the bleary-eyed businessmen and women are bustling off to work.… continued”

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