Disney’s Lion King — music by Elton John

Lyceum Theatre, 21 Wellington Street, Covent Garden, London
Box Office:
0207 420 8100

Dates and ticket price

Dates & Time:
24th September 2002 to 1st June 2019
7.30 PM (Tue-Sat)
2.30 PM matinees (Wed, Sat-Sun)
Running time:
2 hours 30 mins, with interval
Tickets & Cost:
See thelionking.co.uk
This show is not recommended for children under the age of 6
Children under 3 will not be admitted at all
Strobe lighting is used within the show

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Director: Julie Taymor; Written by: Irene Mecchi, Roger Allers; Cast: (the cast may change on different dates) George Asprey, Shaun Escoffery, Gugwana Dlamini, Gary Jordan, Ben Heathcote, Keith Bookman, Nick Afoa, Janique Charles, Melone M'kenzy, David Blake, Barnaby Thompson, Ta'niyah Fearon-Telfer, Theo Grant, Ikechukwudi Machie, Tia Murrell, Tia Murrell, Kai Plummer-Walrond, Hugo Max Woodhouse, Nia-May Taylor; Music and lyrics: Elton John, Tim Rice, Lebo M, Mark Mancina

If you've seen the Oscar-winning animated Disney movie then the West End version of "The Lion King" won't disappoint.

Set in the majesty of the Serengeti Plains, it tells the story of the young cub Simba and his adventures in the jungle, as he turns from a wide-eyed cub into King of the Pridelands.

The sets and huge puppet heads of the jungle animals are spectacular, and the songs by Elton John and Tim Rice are great. A real treat for your kids.

Daily Mail – "One of the most joyous and spectacular musicals in years!" Evening Standard – "It lights up the West End with a blaze of fabulous imagination" Sunday Telegraph – "An undisputable triumph... superlative entertainment; puts most other mega-musicals in the shade" Sunday Times – "This is a wonderful, wonderful musical: thrilling, warm-hearted, inventive and original... The Lion King will touch a deep chord in everybody"


queenie – “I hadn't seen the film before I went but I knew it won oscars so i was expecting the show to be good. I thought the costumes were brilliant! I was wondering how they were going to do the animals. I had visions of all the actors running around in furry animal suits, but they way that they have done it is brilliant. The sets really look amazing too. But unfortunately that is the end of the list of good things. The acting, singing and dancing just doesn't live up to the sets and costumes. I feel terrible saying that, because some of the actors in important roles were just children, but I have seen lots of amazing child performers in musicals, and these ones just didn't stand out for me. I have never been a fan of Elton John so I was expecting not to like the songs much, but they were actually ok. The problem was with the people singing them. I feel reallybad saying that, but it's true! I know that the cast list on these kinds of shows changes quite frequently, so maybe when other people”

pearlyqueen – “I loved this show so much and everything was fantastic, from the costumes and dances to the acting and singing. It is a really exciting show and you know it from the moment all the animals charge down the aisles beside you up onto the stage, like a jungle stampede! My child literally jumped out of his skin because the actors seem huge with the great big animal heads. The dont just have animal costumes on, like you would imagine, with their faces where the animal faces would be, but they actually have huge theatrical heads like hats, so they have double faces -- a bit hard to explain, but it works! Because its a Disney movie you know that it is going to be a bit sentimental with a happy ending, but i actually got a bit emotional too and choked up! and that is not really like me. I think it was just the atmosphere of the show that you get drawn into it. It's well worth going to!”

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