Theatre shows in London May 2014

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Theatre shows in London in May

Our guide to theatre shows in London during May 2014.

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Antony And Cleopatra at Globe Theatre, London
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“Antony and Cleopatra” — at the Globe Theatre

to Globe Theatre When Cleopatra bewitches the great Roman ruler Mark Antony, he falls out with his fellow leaders and sides with Cleopatra. But his infatuation with the beautiful Queen of Egypt threatens to split the Empire.
All My Sons at Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre, London
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Open Air Theatre — Arthur Miller’s “All My Sons”

to Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre Regent's Park Open Air Theatre is putting on a production of Arthur Miller's "All My Sons" — a moving story of denial, guilt and social responsibility. When Joe Keller supplied defective fighter planes to the Allies during World War I, it lead to the deaths of many innocent pilots. One of Joe's sons, who was himself a pilot, was thought to have been killed in action, but his mother can't accept his death.
Pajama Game at Shaftesbury Theatre, London
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“Pajama Game” — Shaftesbury Theatre

to Shaftesbury Theatre The classic Broadway musical "The Pajama Game" is coming to the Shaftesbury Theatre, featuring hit songs "Hey There", "Once-A-Year Day", "There Once Was A Man" and "Steam Heat". Romance is in the air at the Sleep-Tite Pajama Factory, as Superintendent Sid Sorokin falls head-over-heels in love with feisty Union rep Babe Williams.
1984 at Playhouse Theatre, London
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George Orwell’s “1984″

to Playhouse Theatre George Orwell's nightmarish vision of the future is coming to the Almeida Theatre. Winston Smith thinks a thought... but Big Brother is watching. Orwell's fiction is re-examined in a radical new staging which explores modern-day surveillance, and why his terrible vision of the future is as relevant now as ever.
Much Ado About Nothing at Globe Theatre, London
This event has already passed

Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing”

to Globe Theatre The Globe Theatre is putting on a production of William Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing". "Much Ado About Nothing" is a wise-cracking comedy of love, honour and second chances. Claudio and Hero are due to be married soon, but the devious Prince looks set to thwart their nuptials. Meanwhile, reluctant lovers Beatrice and Benedick are unable to admit that they love each other. Can the Prince's plot finally bring them together?
Three Sisters at Wyndham’s Theatre, London
This event has already passed

Chekhov’s “Three Sisters”

to Wyndham’s Theatre The Wyndham's is bringing Chekhov's "Three Sisters" to London, direct from Moscow's Moccobeta State Academic Theatre. Note: The play will be performed in Russian with English subtitles.
Titus Andronicus at Globe Theatre, London
This event has already passed

Shakespeare’s “Titus Andronicus”

to Globe Theatre The Globe Theatre is putting on a production of Shakespeare's "Titus Andronicus". It tells the story of the general Titus, who returns to Rome with the Goth queen Tamora and her three sons. But when Titus sacrifices her eldest son and refuses the to take on the title of emperor, he initiates a terrible cycle of violence.
Uncle Vanya at Wyndham’s Theatre, London
This event has already passed

Chekhov’s “Uncle Vanya”

to Wyndham’s Theatre The Wyndham's is bringing Chekhov's "Uncle Vanya" to London, direct from Moscow's Moccobeta State Academic Theatre. Note: The play will be performed in Russian with English subtitles.
Silver Tassie at Lyttelton Theatre, London
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The Silver Tassie

to Lyttelton Theatre "The Silver Tassie" is a powerful, and rarely performed anti-war play that gives full expression to the horror of war with some acrid wit and dark vaudeville humour. It's Ireland, World War One, and Harry Heegan leads his football team to victory before grabbing his kit and heading for the trenches. Months later Harry returns, a cripple at their football club party.
Sunny Afternoon at Hampstead Theatre, London
This event has already passed

“Sunny Afternoon” — with music by Ray Davies

to Hampstead Theatre "Sunny Afternoon" tells the extraordinary story of Ray Davies and The Kinks. Set against the back-drop of Britain and the Swinging Sixties, it explores the bands meteoric rise and agonising lows, when they were banned from playing America at the height of their career.
Privacy at Donmar Warehouse, London
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“Privacy” — Donmar Warehouse

to Donmar Warehouse "Privacy" explores how governments and big business gather up and use our personal information, and what that means for our security, our identity and our future. Provoked by the recent revelations of Edward Snowden, the play uses interviews with journalists, politicians and analysts to asks the audience directly: Is there really such a thing as privacy anymore?
Another Country at Trafalgar Studios, London
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“Another Country” — Trafalgar Studios

to Trafalgar Studios "Another Country" follows the story of Bennett and Judd, a couple of public schoolboys -- one coming to terms with his homosexuality, and the other a committed Marxist. But in the 1930s the Establishment had ways of dealing with rebels, and when a scandal hits the school, the young men must make choices which will have a momentous impact on their lives and on the future of their country.
Handbagged at Vaudeville Theatre, London
This event has already passed

“Handbagged” — about the Queen and Margaret Thatcher

to Vaudeville Theatre "Handbagged" is a wickedly funny new play which tells the story of two iconic women — Liz and Maggie. One is destined to rule, the other is elected to lead. But when the Queen and Margaret Thatcher got behind closed doors, and the gloves came off, which one had the upper hand?
Relative Values at Harold Pinter Theatre, London
This event has already passed

“Relative Values” — Patricia Hodge, Caroline Quentin, Rory Bremner

to Harold Pinter Theatre Noel Coward's "Relative Values" is an uproarious culture clash between the glittering American world of Hollywood and the stiff upper lip of the English aristocracy. It is bad enough when the Earl announces that he is to marry a Hollywood film actress, but then the family discovers that her sister is none other than the Earl's mother's maid!
Other Desert Cities at Old Vic, London
This event has already passed

Other Desert Cities

to Old Vic It's Christmas Eve in Palm Springs, and novelist Brooke Wyeth has returned home to celebrate Christmas with her family. But then she drops a bombshell — she is planning to write a tell-all memoir, exposing some of the most painful chapters of her family's past. Will Brooke's revelations push her fractured family relations to the point of no return?
King Lear at Olivier Theatre, London
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Shakespeare’s “King Lear”

to Olivier Theatre Lear is an ageing monarch in a divided kingdom. When he asks his three beloved daughters to profess their love for him, two of them humour the elderly king with flattering platitudes. But when his third daughter Cordelia confesses to love him just like a daughter should, he casts her out of his kingdom for wounding his pride. His world soon descends into chaos, and all that he once believed is brought into question.
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels at Savoy Theatre, London
This event has already passed

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

to Savoy Theatre Based on the hit movie starring Sir Michael Caine and Steve Martin, "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" will transport you to the decadent underworld of the French Riviera, where two seasoned old swindlers attempt to con a rich heiress. But as the pair compete to see who has the better con, they discover that there is only room for one of them...
Fatal Attraction at Theatre Royal Haymarket, London
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Fatal Attraction

to Theatre Royal Haymarket Based on the classic movie starring Michael Douglas and Glenn Close, "Fatal Attraction" begins with a casual encounter in a bar, but quickly builds into a frightening tale of obsession and revenge for successful New York lawyer Dan Gallagher, when his conquest turns out to be a beautiful but dangerously unstable woman...
A Taste Of Honey at Lyttelton Theatre, London
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A Taste of Honey

to Lyttelton Theatre "A Taste of Honey" is one of the great defining plays of the 1950s, exposing the strengths and vulnerabilities of the female spirit in a run-down world. When her mother runs off with a car salesman, teenager Jo takes up with a black sailor who leaves her pregnant and alone. Art student Geoff takes on the role of surrogate parent, but when he sends for Jo's mother, their whole unconventional setup unravels.
Blithe Spirit at Gielgud Theatre, London
This event has already passed

“Blithe Spirit” — with Angela Lansbury

to Gielgud Theatre The Gielgud Theatre will be putting on a production of Noel Coward's "Blithe Spirit", which tells the tale of a clairvoyant invited to a house for a seance. But whilst she's lost in a trance, she unwittingly summons up the ghost of the host's dead wife, who straight away makes a play to reclaim her husband...
I Cant Sing at London Palladium, London
This event has already passed

I Can’t Sing! — The X-Factor Musical

to London Palladium "I Can't Sing!" is the hilarious new musical based on the X-Factor, written by Harry Hill. Go behind the microphones at the biggest show on earth, and follow one girl's journey to the final round. This fantastic new musical features a whole host of deliriously funny songs bursting with Harry Hill's side-splitting silliness. The X-Factor's regular judges will also some in for some merciless mickey-taking.
Twelve Angry Men at Garrick Theatre, London
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“Twelve Angry Men” — with Martin Shaw

to Garrick Theatre Based on the much-loved 1950s movie and starring TV favourite Martin Shaw, "Twelve Angry Men" is still as hard-hitting and relevant today. One man's life hangs in the balance. Should he face the death sentence for murder? When twelve jurors convene in one claustrophobic room to decide, his fate seems certain... but then a single dissenting voice starts to examine the evidence.
Jeeves And Wooster at Duke of York’s Theatre, London
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“Jeeves & Wooster” — Duke of York’s Theatre

to Duke of York’s Theatre When a delightful trip to the countryside takes a turn for the worse, Bertie is called on to play matchmaker -- reconciling the drippy daughter Madeline Bassett with Gussie Fink-Nottle. If Bertie can't pull off the wedding of the season he'll be forced to marry the ghastly girl for himself!
Bodyguard at Adelphi Theatre, London
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The Bodyguard — The Musical

to Adelphi Theatre "The Bodyguard" is based on the Kevin Costner/Whitney Houston movie, and tells the story of Frank Farmer, an ex-Secret Service agent who is hired to protect a pop singer from a mystery stalker. The soundtrack features a clutch of Whitney's greatest hits including "One Moment in Time", "Saving All My Love", "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" and "I Will Always Love You".
We Will Rock You at Dominion Theatre, London
This event has already passed

“We Will Rock You” — by Ben Elton and Queen

to Dominion Theatre The smash-hit musical "We Will Rock You" is a collaboration between Ben Elton and Queen. It tells the tale of some rebellious kids on Planet Mall, rising up against the evil 'Killer Queen'. If you're a fan of the band then you will absolutely love it, and the 1970s glam fashions are a visual treat.
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