17 February events in London

Need some inspiration for 17th February? This day saw the birth of David Lloyd George in 1863 and the election of Benjamin Disraeli in 1874. Why not visit Parliament Square and see if you can find the statues of these two great Prime Ministers? For a bonus point see if you can find the well-hidden statue of Oliver Cromwell.

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Art & Museum exhibitions on 17th February

How about spending a few hours on Monday in one of London’s art galleries or museums?

Royal Academy of Arts

Eco-Visionaries at the Royal Academy

17 to Eco-Visionaries will show how artists and architects are helping to fight climate change with their innovative new designs

Royal & Religious events on 17th February

See inside some beautiful buildings with one of these Royal or religious events

British Library

Buddhism exhibition at the British Library

17 to This exhibition will explore the history of Buddhism from its 6th-century origins in India right up to the present day
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Events on Sunday 16th February
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