Museum exhibitions in London

London has some of the best free museums in the UK. The British Museum are V&A are both world-class. The Natural History Museum and Science Museum are great for kids, and the Imperial War Museum and National Army Museum are good for military enthusiasts. Here’s our complete list of museums in London

Museum exhibitions in April

Here’s a guide to the best museum exhibitions taking place in London this April

Craig recommends… My personal favourites are the Natural History Museum, Churchill War Rooms and Sir John Soane’s Museum. I also recommend the V&A and Museum of London

Museum of London Docklands

Slavery Culture & Collecting

15 Sep 2018 to This exhibition explores the connection between some of Britains oldest cultural organisations and transatlantic slavery
Bank of England Museum

Feliks Topolski - Drawing Debden

1 Oct 2018 to The Bank of England Museum will be putting on an exhibition of work by Feliks Topolski about the Debden printing works
Science Museum

The Sun - Living With Our Star

6 Oct 2018 to The Science Museum will be telling the extraordinary story of the life-giving star that sits at the centre of our Solar System
Natural History Museum

Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition

19 Oct 2018 to Wildlife Photographer of the Year returns to the Natural History Museum with this exhibition of the top 100 photos
Victorian Surgery Old Operating Theatre at Old Operating Theatre

Victorian surgery at the Old Operating Theatre

A demonstration about Victorian surgery inside the original 19th-century Operating Theatre at St Thomass Hospital
Museum of Childhood

A Pirates Life For Me

20 Oct 2018 to A child-friendly exhibition about pirates that will take your kids on a swashbuckling adventure and show them some real pirate coins
Churchill War Rooms

Private tour of the Churchill War Rooms

Enjoy a private tour of the Churchill War Rooms and experience Winston Churchills wartime bunker from behind the glass
Natural History Museum

Crime Scene Live at the Natural History Museum

5 Nov 2018 to A group event where youll turn into a CSI and collect evidence around the Natural History Museum to solve a murder mystery
British Museum

Reimagining Captain Cook

29 Nov 2018 to The British Museum will be marking the anniversary of Cooks Pacific voyage by looking at it from the Islanders perspective
Victoria & Albert Museum

Christian Dior - Designer of Dreams

2 Feb to Some of the finest designs and dresses by Christian Dior tracing the impact that his fashion house has made over the last seventy years
British Museum

Rembrandt - Thinking On Paper

7 Feb to An exhibition of 65 rarely seen Rembrandt prints and drawings to mark the 350th anniversary of the Dutch Masters death
Old Operating Theatre

After-hours Victorian surgery demonstration

7 Mar to Visit the 19th-century Operating Theatre after-hours and witness what a Victorian operation was like from the stands
British Library

The New Londoners - British Library

22 Mar to An exhibition of photographs by Chris Steele-Perkins who has captured families living in their London homes
British Library

Imaginary Cities - British Library

5 Apr to A small exhibition that uses digital technology to transform the librarys collection of historic maps to create fictional cityscapes
Victoria & Albert Museum

Mary Quant - Victoria & Albert Museum

6 Apr 2019 to An exhibition of dresses by the iconic fashion designer Mary Quant who became synonymous with the Swinging Sixties
British Museum

Edvard Munch - Love And Angst

11 Apr to The British Museum will be putting on the largest exhibition of Edvard Munchs prints in the UK for nearly half-a-century
Dr. Johnson’s House

Whiskey tasting at Dr Johnsons House

25 Apr 2019 Enjoy six different Scotch whiskies in honour of Samuel Johnson and James Boswells tour of Scotland in 1773
British Library

Writing - Making Your Mark

26 Apr to This exhibition will explore the history of writing from ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs right up to our modern communication tools

Museum exhibitions starting in May

Here are some of the best exhibitions in London during the month of May

Bank of England Museum

Sir John Soane - Building the Bank of England

13 May to See some of Sir John Soanes designs and learn how the architect was inspired by the ancient world
Benjamin Franklin House

Candlelit tour of the Benjamin Franklin House

16 to Enjoy a candlelit tour of the Benjamin Franklin House and experience it like they did in the 18th-century
Victoria & Albert Museum

Food - Victoria & Albert Museum

18 May to An exhibition about food exploring how it gets from the farm to our dinner plate and asking how we can achieve a sustainable food future
British Museum

Japanese Manga exhibition

23 May to An exhibition of Japanese manga art exploring its cultural crossover and the global appeal of anime and cosplay dressing up

Museum exhibitions starting in June

Here are some upcoming exhibitions in London’s museums this June

British Library

Leonardo da Vinci - A Mind in Motion

7 Jun to The British Librarys Leonardo da Vinci exhibition will bring together pages from three of his extraordinary scientific notebooks
The Magic Circle

Learn about magic at the Magic Circle HQ

10 Jun to Discover the history of magic at The Magic Circle Experience which takes place at the Magic Circles own headquarters

Museum exhibitions starting in July

Interesting museum exhibitions that are opening during the month of July

Benjamin Franklin House

Independence Day Party - Benjamin Franklin House

4 Jul 2019 The Benjamin Franklin House will be celebrating Independence Day with a piece of cake and a glass of bubbly

More Museum exhibitions in 2019/20

Here are some more future exhibitions, for people who like to plan ahead

Benjamin Franklin House

Free tour around the Benjamin Franklin House

21 to Enjoy a free tour around Benjamin Franklins townhouse when the building takes part in Open House Weekend
British Library

Buddhism exhibition at the British Library

25 Oct 2019 to This exhibition will explore the history of Buddhism from its 6th-century origins in India right up to the present day
Top 10 Best museums in London Our pick of the best musuems in London from kid’s ones like the Natural History and Science Museum to world-class ones like the British Museum.
Rembrandt: Thinking On Paper An exhibition of 65 rarely seen Rembrandt prints and drawings to mark the 350th anniversary of the Dutch Master's death
The New Londoners: British Library An exhibition of photographs by Chris Steele-Perkins, who has captured families living in their London homes.
Japanese Manga exhibition An exhibition of Japanese manga art exploring its cultural crossover and the global appeal of anime and cosplay dressing up
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