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St. James’s Square is just off Pall Mall – a stone’s thrown from the park. Due to its closeness to both St. James’s Palace and Parliament, it was the most desirable address in London for much of the 18th-century.

Famous residents

St. James’s Square has had many famous residents. No.9 has been the home of several of our finest Prime Ministers: William Gladstone (1890), William Pitt the Elder (1751–61), and the Earl of Derby (1837–54).

Dwight Eisenhower made No.31 his military headquarters during World War Two, and Nancy Astor – the second woman elected to Parliament (and the first to actually take her seat) used to live at what is now the In-And-Out Club.

Nancy Astor – 4 St. James’s Square
“First woman to sit in Parliament, lived here.”
Lord Derby, W. E. Gladstone & William Pitt the Elder– 10 St. James’s Square
“Here lived three Prime Ministers: William Pitt, Earl of Chatham; Edward Geoffrey Stanley, Earl of Derby (1799–1869); William Ewart Gladstone (1809–1898).”
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