Princess Diana Memorial Fountain

Princess Diana Memorial Fountain
Princess Diana Memorial Fountain map
Princess Diana Memorial Fountain, Hyde Park (south of the Serpentine), Kensington

Opening times and price

Opening hours:
10 AM to 4 PM (Nov-Feb); 10 AM to 6 PM (Mar, Oct); 10 AM to 8 PM (Apr-Aug); 10 AM to 7 PM (Sep)
Visiting hours are subject to change
Ticket cost:
Adults free entry
Time required:
A typical visit to Princess Diana Memorial Fountain lasts 10-15 mins (approx)

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Princess Diana Memorial Fountain, London Princess Diana Memorial Fountain

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The controversial Princess Diana Memorial Fountain is in Hyde Park, on the south side of the Serpentine. Described as a “moat without a castle”, and draped around the grounds “like a necklace” it is actually nothing but a stream of solid concrete, with water running over numerous ruts and gullies.

It was beset by problems when it opened, and a couple of people even fell and broke their ankles. The area around the stream became horrendously muddy with kids slipping and sliding all over the place – and leaves from the trees bunged up the drains.

Happily the problems have now been resolved, and the Princess of Wales can stop spinning in her grave. The memorial is still a load of rubbish though.

Why didn’t they erect a monument, or a fountain in the Round Pond instead?

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  • londonlover – “I think it probably was built out of the best materials.. But that is not really the issue. The issue is why did they build that? It is not a memorial in the strictest sense. Because a memorial is supposed to bring attention to the person's life. It seems to me that it is an attempt to build a memorial whilst not really recognising her at all. Given that the royal family did not like diana, I dont think they would have given the go ahead to a memorial that glamorised her in kensington gardens. They are quite happy with this little river that can be mistaken as a normal piece of the park furniture. Sadly, I think that is why many people dont like it -- because you are not supposed to like it.”
  •  Guest – “I like the idea of the monument..Water, fun, kids, but I thnk the actal structure is both confusing and dangerous. What are you supposed to do? Sit and look? Walk? Interact with the monument? That's what we tried to do, and it was dangerous. We slipped and slid and had to exit onto muddy and slippery ground. Tear it up and build something new.”

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