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11, 15, 17, 344, RV1
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Blackfriars CRC DSC, Cannon Street CRC DSC, Mansion House CRC DSC, St. Paul’s CNT
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The Millennium Bridge was the first pedestrian crossing to be built over the river in more than a century, and links the South Bank to The City (from Tate Modern to St. Paul’s Cathedral). It was designed by Britain’s most famous contemporary architect – Sir Norman Foster.

It opened to general acclaim in the year 2000, but the plaudits soon petered out when it was found to wobble alarmingly whenever a large group of people marched across. It was then closed for a couple of years whilst £5 million worth of repairs were carried out.

Its lack of towering supports and under-arches below its center has lent it the nickname blade of light – best seen at night when you can appreciate the lights.

  • JerrySmith – “I'm not a fan of all this new stuff being built. Why can't they build things like they used to? What are the chances of something like tower bridge being built ever again? I will tell you.. The chances are zero because it's all about money these days. They don't want to spend any money on anything. That is why we get rubbish like this being built because it doesn't use much materials and so won't cost them much money. If the houses of parliament ever fell… more”

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