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Little Venice, The area around Warwick Avenue and Maida Avenue, Paddington
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A typical visit to Little Venice lasts 30 mins, but more if you want to stop for a drink (approx)

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6, 18, 46, 187, 414 – London bus prices
Royal Oak CRC H&C, Warwick Avenue BKL
The nearest train station to Little Venice is Warwick Avenue
Plan your journey from Earl’s Court, Euston, King’s Cross, Liverpool Street, London Bridge, Marylebone, Paddington, Victoria, Waterloo or another London Underground station:
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The canal at Little Venice Junction Little Venice Junction The Grand Union Canal, in London’s Little Venice Grand Union Canal, Little Venice

Craig’s London blog> Read Craig’s review of Little Venice  Check out my London blog for a full review, with photos and a video

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Regent’s Canal was built in the 1820s to link the Paddington Basin with the Thames at Limehouse. A large dock was then built to allow ships to unload their cargo and ship it up the water. The Grand Union Canal then stretches away in the other direction, taking boats across to Birmingham.

When the interest in shipping stuff through Docklands faded in the 1960s, the canal was closed to industrial traffic and became a pleasant residential retreat.

History of Little Venice

Little Venice is the name given to the junction where Regent’s Canal meets the Grand Union Canal. The pretty moniker was bestowed upon it by Robert Browning and Lord Byron – although it took fifty years to catch on.

A pleasant way to while away an hour is to take a boat trip into Regent’s Park, and maybe spend a day at London Zoo.

  • TomK – “Anyone who thinks this looks like venice has a better imagination than me it's really just a normal canal with a load of houseboats on it. The houseboats are pretty, and lots of them have set up little gardens on the walkways, so I don't suppose they move around much. But we walked around for about half an hour and only found a couple of good bits. If you walk too far towards regents park then the canal turns into a really horrible bit that is just concrete tunnels, and I wouldn't want to walk down there at night. Once you walk past that bit you come out along the side of regents park, which is quite pleasant, and you even walk through the middle of London zoo as well, although you are deep down and the zoo is high up so you cant really see much.”

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> Craig’s review of Little Venice – “It always feels like a slothful Sunday morning in Little Venice: sunny, slow and easy. I can see one guy shuffling along the towpath with his paper and a giant mug of tea -- he's still got his pyjamas on. I'm being serious! He's just popped his head out the door to listen to the songbirds. That is Little Venice for you. Little Venice consists of three different secti… continued”

If you enjoy this then try: Jason’s Trip (you can walk there in less than 1 min); London Canal Museum (catch the tube from Warwick Avenue to London Canal Museum) and Regent’s Canal (walk it in 24 mins or catch a train from Warwick Avenue to Regent’s Canal).

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