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Keats’ House, Wentworth Place, Keats’ Grove, HampsteadNW3 2RR
Work 0207 332 3868

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Opening hours:
1 PM to 5 PM (Tue–Sun, Apr–Oct); 1 PM to 5 PM (Fri–Sun, Nov–Mar)
Ticket cost:
Adults £5.00
Visiting hours and entry charges are subject to change

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Keats’ House is where the poet John Keats lived briefly between 1818 and 1820.

He had some exciting times in the premises, even falling in love with the girl next door – Fanny Brawne. He became engaged to her one year later before moving to Italy to better his health. And it was there that he died of tuberculosis, aged just twenty-five.

The house contains many of his original letters, manuscripts and furnishings in Regency style. Of the works that were composed in the building, the most famous is probably Ode To A Nightingale.

The plum tree under which he sat has sadly been uprooted, but another has been planted in the same place.

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