Duke of York’s Column

Duke of York’s Column
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Duke of York’s Column, The Mall, St. James’s

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Craig’s London blog> Read Craig’s review of Giro the Nazi Dog  Check out my London blog for a full review, with photos.

The Duke of York’s Column stands atop some steps leading down to The Mall. It was erected in 1834 and commemorates a son of King George III.

It may not look it, but it’s actually only six metres shorter than Nelson’s Column.

While you’re there…

Whilst you’re standing there admiring the Duke of York’s Column, it would be a shame not to take a minute to check out the grave of a little dog which sits nearby. You’ll find it encased in a little wooden box at the foot of a tree, outside No.9 Carlton House Terrace (at the top of the steps).

It is commonly referred to as the grave of “Giro the Nazi Dog” – but that is to do the little fella a disservice. His owner was Dr Leopold von Hoesch, a well-respected diplomat under the Weimar Republic. But whilst he may have later worked for Hitler’s government, it is generally acknowleged that von Hoesch was no Nazi. Unfortunately Giro’s nickname has stuck, and he’s gone down in history as an unlucky Nazi mutt – killed when he chewed through an electricty cable.


If you enjoy this then try: The Mall (you can walk it in 4 mins) and Nelson’s Column (you can walk it in 4 mins).

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