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Albert Memorial, Kensington Gardens (opposite the Royal Albert Hall), South Kensington SW7
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A typical visit to Albert Memorial lasts 15 mins (approx)

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Prince Albert Seated figure of Prince Albert

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Queen Victoria was born and raised at Kensington Palace, so when Prince Albert died of typhoid in 1861 she placed a memorial in the park. It stands on the south side of Kensington Gardens, opposite the Royal Albert Hall.

The Prince reportedly told his wife that he didn’t want a statue – as, if (as is very likely) it became an artistic monstrosity like most of our monuments, it would upset my equanimity to be permanently ridiculed and laughed at in effigy. Well, he patently didn’t get his wish – as she built the most exuberant statue in the whole of London!

History of the Albert Memorial

The Albert Memorial was designed by Sir Gilbert Scott in 1872 and measures 180-feet from tip to toe. The whole thing is gilded-gold and surrounded by 169 marble figures from history.

The Freize of Parnassus which runs around the base features famous poets, painters, sculptors, architects and composers. Above that are a group of virtues, angels and images representing the continents (Europe, America, Asia and Africa), and arts and industries (agriculture, commerce, engineering and manufacture).

The gold-leaf Prince was added three years after the unveiling. The original sculpture by Carlo Marochetti was turned down by Queen Victoria, and he was still working on the second when he died. The third was built by J H Foley, and completed by Thomas Brock in 1875.

  • Craig – “[‍frm/‍blog.php?B=141.] The albert memorial is probably the best memorial in London, but funnily enough it's also the least well-known. Everyone has heard of nelson's column, cleopatra's needle and marble arch, but ask someone about prince albert's marker and the odds are they won't have a clue. But look at it! How can you forget something like that. The whole thing is massive. It's 175 feet tall -- that's taller than nelson's column. (That fact is actually a little hard to believe when you're standing underneath the albert memorial, but it's definitely true -- nelson's column is six feet shorter.) Unfortunately they dont let you pass the golden gates but you can still get a Decent view from twenty feet away. A massive marble mosiac runs around the bottom edge with figures in togas holding scripts and things like that. It reminds me a little bit of the elgin marbles in the british museum. And at each of the four corners is a massive statues comemmor”

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> Craig’s review of Albert Memorial – “I wonder how we're going to be remembered when we die? Probably not with a 176 foot memorial. We'll just be a dog-eared photo at the back of someone's school album -- one of those pictures that have slipped out behind the crumpled-up carrier bags under the stairs. We mere mortals only have a choice of two memorials when we die: a gravestone covered in weeds, or a phot… continued”

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