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Re: Clarence House

Fri 18th Aug, 2017Hi, I'm glad you enjoyed the review.​ Clarence House is going to be closed in October, by the way, if you were.​.​.​ more

Re: Jason's Canal Trip

Thu 10th Aug, 2017I emailed them to ask, and got this reply back: You are more than welcome to bring your dog on our boat trip.​ Not only.​.​.​ more

Re: St. Paul's Cathedral

Tue 8th Aug, 2017Cheers Jim, I hope your enjoy your visit.​ I've been to Sydney a few times so I'm almost an Aussie.​ Never got.​.​.​ more

Re: Royal Courts of Justice Watching a trial

Wed 19th Jul, 2017It's a beautiful building to visit and well worth seeing inside, but I agree that the court cases themselves can be.​.​.​ more

Re: Jewel Tower

Sat 15th Jul, 2017I can not think about your review, I am still laughing .​.​.​ thanks.​ I plan to visit the Jewel Tower in August.​ The.​.​.​ more

Re: Bletchley Park

Mon 10th Jul, 2017it's funny that you posted your comment today because I've just been thinking about going again (it's.​.​.​ more

Re: Alexander Fleming Museum

Tue 27th Jun, 2017Not sure I can really help with a visa mate, but I hope you enjoy your visit

Re: Princess Diana Memorial Fountain

Tue 20th Jun, 2017I'm in the Top 10 fruitcakes, definitely.​.​.​ maybe the Top 5 on a good day

Re: No.11 London's cheapest sightseeing bus

Tue 30th May, 2017Cheers bob, handy piece of info

Re: Covent Garden

Mon 29th May, 2017They're basically just buskers so I wouldn't have a clue, sorry.​ You could try contacting the Covent Garden.​.​.​ more

Re: Westminster Abbey Evensong

Thu 25th May, 2017To be honest I can't remember.​ You definitely can at St.​ Paul's because I sat in them myself (but then.​.​.​ more

Re: Dismounting Ceremony (or Four O'Clock Parade)

Wed 24th May, 2017Apparently that's nothing more than a pat on the head, to tell the horse he's done a good job.​ But it's.​.​.​ more