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Tower Gateway station is in fare zone 1 and connects with
Docklands Light Railway
Accommodation in London
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Apex City Of London in London Apex City Of London★★★★★The City
A 5-star hotel in Seething Lane, roughly ¼ mile from Tower Gateway train station. The Apex City Of London hotel is a... more
City Hotel London in London City Hotel London★★★Shadwell
A 3-star hotel at 12-20 Osborn Street, approximately half-a-mile away. Situated near Liverpool Street Station, City Hotel... more
Forum in London ForumThe City
A hotel in Cooper's Row, roughly ¼ mile from Tower Gateway train station.
Grange City Hotel in London Grange City HotelThe City
A hotel at 8-10 Cooper's Row, approx ¼ mile away.
Grange Tower Bridge in London Grange Tower BridgeShadwell
A hotel in Prescot Street, roughly ¼ mile from Tower Gateway train station.
Hotel Indigo in London Hotel Indigo★★★★The City
A 4-star hotel at 142 Minories, approx ¼ mile away.
Ibis Hotel in London Ibis Hotel★★★Shadwell
Reviewed A 3-star hotel in Commercial Street, about ⅓ mile from Tower Gateway station, with bar, car par... more
Koto II Japanese Restaurant in London Koto II Japanese RestaurantThe City
A hotel at 8-10 Cooper's Row, approx ¼ mile away.
Novotel London Tower Bridge in London Novotel London Tower Bridge★★★★The City
A 4-star hotel in Pepys Street, roughly ¼ mile from Tower Gateway train station.
Premier Inn in London Premier Inn★★★Shadwell
A 3-star hotel at 24 Prescot Street, approx ¼ mile away. Premier Travel Inn have over 450 hotels nationwide, offerin... more
Tower Hotel in London Tower Hotel★★★★Shadwell
Reviewed A 4-star hotel in St. Katharines Way, about ⅓ mile from Tower Gateway station.
Travelodge in London Travelodge★★★Whitechapel
A 3-star hotel in Whitechapel, approximately half-a-mile away. Travelodge provides modern and well equipped accommodation... more
Travelodge  in London Travelodge ★★★Shadwell
A 3-star hotel in Chamber Street, roughly ¼ mile from Tower Gateway train station, with car parking, TVs, business f... more
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