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Apex Hotels in London Apex HotelsThe City
A 5-star hotel in Fleet Street, about ⅓ mile from Temple station.
Fielding Hotel in London Fielding HotelHolborn
A hotel in Holborn, approximately half-a-mile away. The Fielding Hotel is situated in Covent Garden and is within walking... more
Hotel Strand Continental in London Hotel Strand ContinentalCharing Cross
A B&B hotel in Strand, roughly ¼ mile from Temple train station, with bar, TVs. Hotel Strand Continental is a be... more
Kingsway Hall in London Kingsway HallHolborn
A 4-star hotel at 66 Great Queen Street, approximately half-a-mile away. Situated in Covent Garden, Kingsway Hall offer a... more
London Marriott County Hall in London London Marriott County HallSouthwark
A 4-star hotel in Belvedere Road, about ⅓ mile from Temple station, with bar, car parking, restaurant, room service... more
One Aldwych Hotel in London One Aldwych HotelCharing Cross
A 5-star hotel in Charing Cross, approx ¼ mile away. One Aldwych Hotel is located in the the heart of London in Cove... more
Premier Inn in London Premier InnLambeth
A 3-star hotel in Belvedere Road, about ⅓ mile from Temple station, with air conditioning, bar, car parking, ensuit... more
Rosewood London Hotel in London Rosewood London HotelHolborn
A 5-star hotel at 252 High Holborn, approximately half-a-mile away. Rosewood Hotels are a chain of Texas based luxury hot... more
Savoy in London SavoyCharing Cross
A 5-star hotel in Savoy Court, about ⅓ mile from Temple station, with air conditioning, ensuite bathrooms, gym faci... more
Strand Palace Hotel in London Strand Palace HotelCharing Cross
Reviewed A 4-star hotel at 372 Strand, about ⅓ mile away. Strand Palace Hotel has over 750 rooms and is... more
Travelodge in London TravelodgeSouthwark
A 3-star hotel in Waterloo Road, approximately ½ mile from Temple tube station, with car parking, TVs, business faci... more
Waldorf Hotel in London Waldorf HotelAldwych
Reviewed A 5-star hotel at 21-23 Aldwych, approx ¼ mile away. Following the completion of a refurbishment... more
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