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Rotherhithe station is in fare zone 2 and connects with
London Overground
Accommodation in London
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Hilton London Docklands in London Hilton London DocklandsRotherhithe
A 4-star hotel in Rotherhithe Street, approx one mile away, with air conditioning, bar, internet access, restaurant, room... more
Youth Hostel Association in London Youth Hostel AssociationRotherhithe
A hostel at 20 Salter Road, approximately half-a-mile away.
Top 10 Landmarks to visit in London The ten best landmarks for every tourist’s itinerary… from Buckingham Palace and Houses of Parliament to the neon lights at Piccadilly Circus.
Kizz Daniel: No Bad Songz Tour Nigerian music star Kizz Daniel is bringing his No Bad Songz Tour over to London and playing a show at the Indigo
Royal London 1-Day Cup: Surrey v Essex Surrey will be hoping for better luck in the Royal London One Day Cup this year when they take on Essex
Bach Debussy and Rachmaninov Hear pianist Francesco Piemontesi perform works by Bach, Debussy and Rachmaninov at Queen Elizabeth Hall
Review Science Museum The first thing you'll see are some original engines by James Watt and Trevithick: big Victorian steam machines about twenty feet tall, beams as thick as tree trunks. It would be great if th…
Review National Portrait Gallery If you're coming to London for a week then you have to find time for at least one art gallery. You can't just do fun stuff for seven days, that's not allowed. Art gallery first, then fun. Do…
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