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Maida Vale station is in fare zone 2 and connects with
Bakerloo line
Accommodation in London
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Colonnade Townhouse in London Colonnade TownhouseMaida Vale
A 4-star hotel in Warrington Crescent, approximately ½ mile from Maida Vale tube station. The Colonnade Townhouse ha... more
London Marriott Hotel Maida Vale in London London Marriott Hotel Maida ValeKilburn
A 4-star hotel in Kilburn, approximately half-a-mile away. It has bar, car parking, restaurant, room service, TVs.
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Orpheus Descending by Tennessee Williams Tennessee Williams' play about a drifter who excites a bored American wife who's stuck in a loveless marriage
The Comedy of Errors Shakespeare's witty play of mistaken identity sees two sets of estranged twins wandering through the streets of the same town
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Review National Portrait Gallery If you're coming to London for a week then you have to find time for at least one art gallery. You can't just do fun stuff for seven days, that's not allowed. Art gallery first, then fun. Do…
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