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Andaz in London AndazThe City
Reviewed A 5-star hotel in Liverpool Street, roughly ¼ mile from Liverpool Street train station, with bar... more
Apex London Wall in London Apex London WallThe City
A 5-star hotel at 7-9 Copthall Avenue, about ⅓ mile away.
Hoxton in London HoxtonThe City
A 3-star hotel in Great Eastern Street, approximately ½ mile from Liverpool Street tube station.
South Place Hotel in London South Place HotelThe City
A 4-star hotel in The City, approx ¼ mile away. It has air conditioning, bar, business facilities, ensuite bathrooms... more
Threadneedles Hotel in London Threadneedles HotelThe City
Reviewed A 4-star hotel in Threadneedle Street, approximately ½ mile from Liverpool Street tube station,... more
Travelodge in London TravelodgeWhitechapel
A 3-star hotel in Whitechapel, about ⅓ mile away. Travelodge provides modern and well equipped accommodation includ... more
Tune Hotel in London Tune HotelShadwell
A 3-star hotel in Folgate Street, roughly ¼ mile from Liverpool Street train station.
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