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Bow Church station is in fare zone 2 and connects with
Docklands Light Railway
Accommodation in London
Name Area
City View Hotel in London City View HotelB&BBethnal Green
A B&B hotel in Roman Road, around 1¼ miles away.
City View hotel in London City View hotelMile End
A hotel at 527 Roman Road, roughly ¾ miles away.
Citystay Hotel in London Citystay HotelMile End
A hotel in Bow Road, roughly ¼ mile from Bow Church train station, with Wi-Fi, air conditioning. Hotel CityStay has... more
Four Seasons Hotel Canary Wharf in London Four Seasons Hotel Canary Wharf★★★★★Millwall
A 5-star hotel at 46 Westferry Circus, around 1½ miles from Bow Church station. With an unrivalled view of the Thame... more
London Marriott West India Quay in London London Marriott West India Quay★★★★Canary Wharf
A 4-star hotel in Hertsmere Road, roughly 1½ miles away, with bar, car parking, restaurant, room service, TVs. Locat... more
Mile End Hotel in London Mile End HotelMile End
A hotel at 51a Grove Road, roughly ¾ miles away.
Regency Hotel George IV in London Regency Hotel George IVB&BMillwall
A B&B hotel in Ida Street, around 1¼ miles away, with bar.
Travelodge  in London Travelodge ★★★Canary Wharf
A 3-star hotel at 13 Coriander Avenue, around 1½ miles from Bow Church station. Travelodge provides modern and well... more
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