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Westminster AbbeyWestminster Abbey Westminster Abbey, burial place to England’s kings and queens, spans 1,000 years of history. 
Accommodation in London
Name Area
51 Buckingham Gate in London 51 Buckingham Gate★★★★★Westminster
A 5-star hotel in Buckingham Gate, approximately ½ mile from Westminster Abbey. 51 Buckingham Gate overlooks an awar... more
Crowne Plaza London St. James in London Crowne Plaza London St. James★★★★Westminster
A 4-star hotel at 45-51 Buckingham Gate, approximately half-a-mile away. Crowne Plaza London St James has over 300 rooms... more
DoubleTree by Hilton Westminster in London DoubleTree by Hilton Westminster★★★★Westminster
A 4-star hotel in John Islip Street, approximately ½ mile from Westminster Abbey.
Grand At Trafalgar Square in London Grand At Trafalgar Square★★★★Charing Cross
A 4-star hotel in Charing Cross, roughly ¾ miles away.
Grange Rochester Hotel in London Grange Rochester HotelWestminster
A hotel in Vincent Square, approximately ½ mile from Westminster Abbey. Located in the heart of Westminster yet over... more
Inter-Continental Hotel London Westminster in London Inter-Continental Hotel London Westminster★★★★Westminster
A 4-star hotel at 22-30 Broadway, approx ¼ mile away. It has air conditioning, bar, business facilities, ensuite bat... more
Novotel in London Novotel★★★★Lambeth
A 4-star hotel in Lambeth Road, approximately ½ mile from Westminster Abbey. The Novotel London Waterloo has over 18... more
Park Plaza County Hall Hotel in London Park Plaza County Hall Hotel★★★★Lambeth
A 4-star hotel in Lambeth, approximately half-a-mile away.
Royal Horseguards in London Royal Horseguards★★★★★Westminster
Reviewed A 5-star hotel in Whitehall Court, approximately ½ mile from Westminster Abbey.
Sofitel in London Sofitel★★★★★Haymarket
A 5-star hotel in Haymarket, roughly ¾ miles away. It has bar, restaurant, TVs, room service, laundry service, child... more
St. Ermins Hotel in London St. Ermins Hotel★★★★Westminster
A 4-star hotel in Caxton Street, about ⅓ mile from Westminster Abbey, with air conditioning, bar, car parking, conf... more
Trafalgar in London Trafalgar★★★★Westminster
Reviewed A 4-star hotel in Westminster, roughly ¾ miles away. It has air conditioning, bar, internet acce... more
Wellington in London Wellington★★★★Westminster
A 4-star hotel in Vincent Square, approximately ½ mile from Westminster Abbey, with restaurant, conferences, Wi-Fi... more.
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