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St. Paul’s CathedralSt. Paul’s Cathedral St. Paul’s Cathedral, built after the Great Fire in 1666, boasts the second largest dome in Europe. 
Accommodation in London
Name Area
Apex Hotels in London Apex Hotels★★★★★The City
A 5-star hotel in Fleet Street, approximately ½ mile from St. Paul's Cathedral.
Apex London Wall in London Apex London Wall★★★★★The City
A 5-star hotel at 7-9 Copthall Avenue, approximately half-a-mile away.
Bankside House in London Bankside House★★★Southwark
A 3-star hotel in Sumner Street, approximately ½ mile from St. Paul's Cathedral. Bankside House has over 600 ro... more
Club Quarters St. Paul's in London Club Quarters St. Paul'sThe City
Reviewed A hotel at 24 Ludgate Hill, approx ¼ mile away. Club Quarters is exclusive, efficient and user f... more
Crowne Plaza in London Crowne Plaza★★★★The City
A 4-star hotel in New Bridge Street, about ⅓ mile from St. Paul's Cathedral, with air conditioning, bar, busin... more
Grange St. Paul's Hotel in London Grange St. Paul's Hotel★★★★The City
A 4-star hotel at 10 Godliman Street, approx ¼ mile away. It has air conditioning, bar, car parking, conferences, la... more
Holiday Inn Express Southwark in London Holiday Inn Express Southwark★★★Southwark
A 3-star hotel in Southwark Street, less than ¾ mile away from St. Paul's Cathedral, with bar, business facilit... more
Ibis Styles Hotel in London Ibis Styles Hotel★★★Southwark
A 3-star hotel at 43-47 Southwark Bridge Road, roughly ¾ miles away.
Loft Restaurant in London Loft Restaurant★★★★Southwark
A 4-star hotel in Southwark Street, less than ¾ mile away from St. Paul's Cathedral, with ensuite bathrooms, ba... more
Malmaison London in London Malmaison London★★★★Clerkenwell
A 4-star hotel at 18-21 Charterhouse Square, approximately half-a-mile away. Malmaison London is situated in Charterhouse... more
Mercure London Bridge Hotel in London Mercure London Bridge Hotel★★★★Southwark
A 4-star hotel in Southwark Street, less than ¾ mile away from St. Paul's Cathedral, with air conditioning, bar... more
Montcalm London City in London Montcalm London City★★★★★The City
A 5-star hotel at 51-52 Chiswell Street, roughly ¾ miles away.
Novotel in London Novotel★★★★Southwark
A 4-star hotel in Southwark Bridge Road, less than ¾ mile away from St. Paul's Cathedral. Novotel Hotel offers... more
Premier Inn in London Premier Inn★★★Southwark
A 3-star hotel at 34 Park Street, approximately half-a-mile away. Premier Travel Inn have over 450 hotels nationwide, off... more
Rookery in London Rookery★★★★Clerkenwell
A 4-star hotel in Peter's Lane, approximately ½ mile from St. Paul's Cathedral. The Rookery consists of a charm... more
Travelodge  in London Travelodge ★★★The City
A 3-star hotel at 19-23 St. Swithin's Lane, approximately half-a-mile away. Travelodge provides modern and well equipped... more
Youth Hostel Association in London Youth Hostel AssociationHostelThe City
A hostel in Carter Lane, roughly ¼ mile from St. Paul's Cathedral. The Youth Hostel Association (YHA) offer bud... more
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