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Shrek’s AdventureShrek’s Adventure Shrek’s Adventure will let your kids re-live scenes from the movie and meet all your favourite characters. 
Accommodation in London
Name Area
Charing Cross Hotel in London Charing Cross Hotel★★★★Charing Cross
A 4-star hotel in Strand, approximately ½ mile from Shrek's Adventure.
Days Inn in London Days Inn★★★Lambeth
A 3-star hotel at 54 Kennington Road, approximately half-a-mile away. It has car parking, TVs.
Grand At Trafalgar Square in London Grand At Trafalgar Square★★★★Charing Cross
A 4-star hotel in Northumberland Avenue, approximately ½ mile from Shrek's Adventure.
Hotel Strand Continental in London Hotel Strand ContinentalB&BCharing Cross
A B&B hotel at 143-145 Strand, roughly ¾ miles away. Hotel Strand Continental is a bed and breakfast with 24 roo... more
London Eye Hostel in London London Eye HostelHostelLambeth
A hostel in Lambeth Walk, less than ¾ mile away from Shrek's Adventure.
London Marriott County Hall in London London Marriott County Hall★★★★Southwark
A 4-star hotel in Southwark, about ⅓ mile away. It has bar, car parking, restaurant, room service, TVs.
Novotel in London Novotel★★★★Lambeth
A 4-star hotel in Lambeth Road, approximately ½ mile from Shrek's Adventure. The Novotel London Waterloo has ov... more
Park Plaza County Hall Hotel in London Park Plaza County Hall Hotel★★★★Lambeth
A 4-star hotel in Lambeth, approx ¼ mile away.
Premier Inn in London Premier Inn★★★Lambeth
A 3-star hotel in Belvedere Road, about ⅓ mile from Shrek's Adventure, with air conditioning, bar, car parking... more
Royal Horseguards in London Royal Horseguards★★★★★Westminster
Reviewed A 5-star hotel in Westminster, about ⅓ mile away.
Savoy in London Savoy★★★★★Charing Cross
A 5-star hotel in Savoy Court, less than ¾ mile away from Shrek's Adventure, with air conditioning, ensuite bat... more
Steve's Bed & Breakfast in London Steve's Bed & BreakfastB&BLambeth
A B&B hotel at 23a Lower Marsh, about ⅓ mile away. Steve's Bed & Breakfast is situated in Lambeth.
Strand Palace Hotel in London Strand Palace Hotel★★★★Charing Cross
Reviewed A 4-star hotel in Strand, less than ¾ mile away from Shrek's Adventure. Strand Palace Hotel... more
Trafalgar in London Trafalgar★★★★Westminster
Reviewed A 4-star hotel in Westminster, roughly ¾ miles away. It has air conditioning, bar, internet acce... more
Travelodge in London Travelodge★★★Southwark
A 3-star hotel in Waterloo Road, approximately ½ mile from Shrek's Adventure, with car parking, TVs, business f... more
Tune Hotels in London Tune Hotels★★★Lambeth
A 3-star hotel at 118-120 Westminster Bridge Road, approximately half-a-mile away.
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