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National Maritime MuseumNational Maritime Museum The National Maritime Museum contains the actual jacket that Admiral Nelson wore at Trafalgar. 
Accommodation in London
Name Area
Hilton London Canary Wharf in London Hilton London Canary Wharf★★★★Isle of Dogs
A 4-star hotel in Marsh Wall, roughly 1½ miles away, with air conditioning, bar, internet access, restaurant, room s... more
Holiday Inn Express in London Holiday Inn Express★★★Greenwich
A 3-star hotel at 85 Bugsby's Way, around one mile from National Maritime Museum. It has bar, restaurant, TVs, business f... more
Ibis Hotel in London Ibis Hotel★★★Greenwich
A 3-star hotel in Stockwell Street, roughly ¼ mile from National Maritime Museum, with bar, car parking, TVs, safe.
King William Hotel in London King William HotelGreenwich
A hotel at 155 Trafalgar Road, approximately half-a-mile away.
Novotel in London Novotel★★★★Greenwich
A 4-star hotel in Greenwich High Road, approximately ½ mile from National Maritime Museum.
St. Christopher's Inn in London St. Christopher's InnHostelGreenwich
A hostel at 189a Greenwich High Road, approximately half-a-mile away. A haven for many backpackers in the UK, the St Chri... more
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