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Kenwood HouseKenwood House Kenwood House has a library filled with works by Rembrandt, Gainsborough, Turner and Stubbs. 
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Hampstead Village Guest HouseB&BBelsize Park
A B&B hotel in Kemplay Road, approx one mile away. The Hampstead Village Guest House emanates a homely feel and has 9... more
La Gaffe Hotel in London La Gaffe HotelB&BHampstead
A B&B hotel at 107-111 Heath Street, around one mile from Kenwood House. Situated in Hampstead, La Gaffe Hotel is a b... more
Langorf Hotel in London Langorf HotelB&BHampstead
A B&B hotel in Frognal, roughly 1½ miles away, with business facilities, conferences, room service, wireless int... more
Premier Inn in London Premier Inn★★★Belsize Park
A 3-star hotel at 215 Haverstock Hill, around 1½ miles from Kenwood House. Premier Travel Inn have over 450 hotels n... more
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