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Guards’ MuseumGuards’ Museum The Guards’ Museum in London tells the 350-year history of the Queen’s own bodyguard. 
Accommodation in London
Name Area
41 Hotel in London 41 Hotel★★★★★Victoria
A 5-star hotel in Buckingham Palace Road, roughly ¼ mile from Guards' Museum.
51 Buckingham Gate in London 51 Buckingham Gate★★★★★Westminster
A 5-star hotel at 45-51 Buckingham Gate, approx ¼ mile away. 51 Buckingham Gate overlooks an award-winning courtyard... more
Crowne Plaza London St. James in London Crowne Plaza London St. James★★★★Westminster
A 4-star hotel in Buckingham Gate, roughly ¼ mile from Guards' Museum, with bar, restaurant, gym facilities, TV... more
Dukes Hotel in London Dukes Hotel★★★★St. James's
A 4-star hotel at 35 St. James's Place, approximately half-a-mile away. Dukes Hotel has 89 rooms and is ideally located w... more
Eaton Hotel in London Eaton HotelVictoria
A hotel in Gillingham Street, approximately ½ mile from Guards' Museum, with laundry service, room service, TVs... more
Goring Hotel in London Goring Hotel★★★★★Victoria
A 5-star hotel at 15 Beeston Place, approximately half-a-mile away. The Goring Hotel is a luxury 4 star hotel boasting 74... more
Grange Rochester Hotel in London Grange Rochester HotelWestminster
A hotel in Vincent Square, approximately ½ mile from Guards' Museum. Located in the heart of Westminster yet ov... more
Inter-Continental Hotel London Westminster in London Inter-Continental Hotel London Westminster★★★★Westminster
A 4-star hotel at 22-30 Broadway, approx ¼ mile away. It has air conditioning, bar, business facilities, ensuite bat... more
Rubens Hotel At The Palace in London Rubens Hotel At The Palace★★★★Victoria
A 4-star hotel in Buckingham Palace Road, roughly ¼ mile from Guards' Museum, with bar, TVs, room service, laun... more
Russell Hotel in London Russell HotelVictoria
A hotel at 312a Vauxhall Bridge Road, about ⅓ mile away.
St. Ermins Hotel in London St. Ermins Hotel★★★★Westminster
A 4-star hotel in Caxton Street, roughly ¼ mile from Guards' Museum, with air conditioning, bar, car parking, c... more
St. James's Club & Hotel in London St. James's Club & Hotel★★★★★St. James's
A 5-star hotel at 7-8 Park Place, approximately half-a-mile away. Tucked away in a quiet street in one of London's premie... more
Stafford Hotel in London Stafford Hotel★★★★St. James's
A 4-star hotel in St. James's Place, approximately ½ mile from Guards' Museum, with restaurant, gym facilities... more
Station Hotel in London Station HotelB&BVictoria
A B&B hotel at 278-280 Vauxhall Bridge Road, approximately half-a-mile away. It has TVs.
Victoria Park Plaza in London Victoria Park Plaza★★★★Victoria
A 4-star hotel in Vauxhall Bridge Road, approximately ½ mile from Guards' Museum, with bar, TVs, room service... more
Wellington in London Wellington★★★★Westminster
A 4-star hotel at 71 Vincent Square, approximately half-a-mile away. The Wellington is a hotel with 91 bedrooms. It has r... more
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