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WhitechapelWhitechapel Whitechapel is in the heart of the East End of London, where Cockney’s talk in rhyming slang. 
Accommodation in London
Name Area
Brick Lane Hotel in Shadwell, London Brick Lane HotelShadwell
A 3-star hotel in Brick Lane, a short distance from Whitechapel.
City Hotel London in Shadwell, London City Hotel LondonShadwell
A 3-star hotel at 12-20 Osborn Street, close to Whitechapel. Situated near Liverpool Street Station, City Hotel London is... more
Forum in The City, London ForumThe City
A hotel in Cooper's Row, not far from Whitechapel.
Grange City Hotel in The City, London Grange City HotelThe City
A hotel at 8-10 Cooper's Row, near Whitechapel.
Grange Tower Bridge in Shadwell, London Grange Tower BridgeShadwell
A hotel in Prescot Street, a short distance from Whitechapel.
Hotel Indigo in The City, London Hotel IndigoThe City
A 4-star hotel at 142 Minories, close to Whitechapel.
Ibis Hotel in Shadwell, London Ibis HotelShadwell
Reviewed A 3-star hotel in Commercial Street, not far from Whitechapel, with bar, car parking, TVs, safe. Ibis... more
Koto II Japanese Restaurant in The City, London Koto II Japanese RestaurantThe City
A hotel at 8-10 Cooper's Row, near Whitechapel.
Novotel London Tower Bridge in The City, London Novotel London Tower BridgeThe City
A 4-star hotel in Pepys Street, a short distance from Whitechapel.
Premier Inn in Shadwell, London Premier InnShadwell
A 3-star hotel at 24 Prescot Street, close to Whitechapel. Premier Travel Inn have over 450 hotels nationwide, offering a... more
Tower Hotel in Shadwell, London Tower HotelShadwell
Reviewed A 4-star hotel in St. Katharines Way, not far from Whitechapel.
Travelodge in Whitechapel, London TravelodgeWhitechapel
A 3-star hotel in Whitechapel. Travelodge provides modern and well equipped accommodation including family rooms, non smo... more
Travelodge  in Shadwell, London Travelodge Shadwell
A 3-star hotel in Chamber Street, a short distance from Whitechapel, with car parking, TVs, business facilities, bar, ens... more
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