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Bermondsey Square Hotel in Southwark, London Bermondsey Square Hotel★★★Southwark
A 3-star hotel in Bermondsey Street, not far from Walworth.
Bridge Hotel in Southwark, London Bridge HotelSouthwark
A hotel at 30 Borough Road. Situated above the Bridge To China Town Chinese restaurant, The Bridge Hotel offers a range o... more
Dover Castle Hostel in Southwark, London Dover Castle HostelHostelSouthwark
A hostel in Great Dover Street. The Dover Castle Hostel is a friendly, privately run hostel for backpackers visiting Lond... more
Express Hotel in Walworth, London Express Hotel★★★Walworth
A 3-star hotel at 18 Amelia Street. It has TVs, Wi-Fi, ensuite bathrooms.
Friendship House in Southwark, London Friendship HouseHostelSouthwark
A hostel in Belvedere Place, not far from Walworth.
Hampton Court Palace in Southwark, London Hampton Court PalaceSouthwark
A hotel at 35 Hampton Street. It has TVs, air conditioning, ensuite bathrooms, bar.
Hotel H10 London Waterloo in Southwark, London Hotel H10 London Waterloo★★★★Southwark
A 4-star hotel in Waterloo Road, a short distance from Walworth.
Hotel London Bridge in Southwark, London Hotel London Bridge★★★Southwark
A 3-star hotel at 10 Spurgeon Street, close to Walworth.
Journeys Hostel in Walworth, London Journeys HostelHostelWalworth
A hostel in Manor Place.
London Castle Hotel in Southwark, London London Castle HotelSouthwark
A hotel at 86 Walworth Road, near Walworth.
London City Hotel in Southwark, London London City HotelSouthwark
A hotel in Borough High Street, a short distance from Walworth.
Premier Inn in Southwark, London Premier Inn★★★Southwark
A 3-star hotel at 159 Tower Bridge Road. Premier Travel Inn have over 450 hotels nationwide, offering affordable and comf... more
Rest Up in Southwark, London Rest Up★★★Southwark
A 3-star hotel in New Kent Road, not far from Walworth.
St. Christopher's Inn in Southwark, London St. Christopher's InnHostelSouthwark
A hostel at 121 Borough High Street. A haven for many backpackers in the UK, the St Christopher's Inn Hostels provide bed... more
St. Christopher's Village in Southwark, London St. Christopher's VillageHostelSouthwark
A hostel in Borough High Street. A haven for many backpackers in the UK, the St Christopher's Inn Hostels provide bed and... more
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