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Belgrave Hotel in Stockwell, London Belgrave HotelHostelStockwell
A hostel in Clapham Road. The Belgrave Hostel is a self catering hostel that boasts 30 rooms, each of which has a TV. It... more
Comfort Inn Vauxhall in Vauxhall, London Comfort Inn Vauxhall★★★Vauxhall
A 3-star hotel at 87 South Lambeth Road. The Comfort Inn Vauxhall is a three star hotel that offers a wide range of facil... more
Dolphin Square Hotel in Pimlico, London Dolphin Square Hotel★★★★Pimlico
A 4-star hotel in Chichester Street, with air conditioning, bar, business facilities, car parking, child care service, co... more
Euro Hotel in Clapham, London Euro HotelClapham
A hotel at 80-81 Clapham Common South Side. Located in a 4-storey Victorian building, Euro Hotel is offering single, doub... more
Euro Lodge in Clapham, London Euro LodgeClapham
A hotel in Clapham Common South Side, not far from Stockwell.
London Hotel in Brixton, London London Hotel★★★Brixton
A 3-star hotel at 413 Coldharbour Lane, near Stockwell.
YMCA in Stockwell, London YMCAHostelStockwell
A hostel in Stockwell Road, with student rates.
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