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Notting HillNotting Hill Notting Hill has one of the largest street carnivals in the world – and London’s biggest antiques fair. 
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Name Area
Abbey Court Hotel in Bayswater, London Abbey Court Hotel★★★★Bayswater
A 4-star hotel in Pembridge Gardens, with TVs, room service, business facilities, air conditioning. The Abbey Court Hotel... more
Gate Hotel in Notting Hill, London Gate HotelB&BNotting Hill
A B&B hotel in Notting Hill.
Hilltop Hotel in Bayswater, London Hilltop HotelB&BBayswater
A B&B hotel in Pembridge Gardens, not far from Notting Hill.
Hilton London Kensington in Holland Park, London Hilton London Kensington★★★★Holland Park
A 4-star hotel at 179-199 Holland Park Avenue. Hilton London Kensington is situated within easy reach of Olympia Exhibiti... more
Holland Inn Hotel in West Kensington, London Holland Inn HotelB&BWest Kensington
A B&B hotel in Holland Road, with TVs, gym facilities, air conditioning, bar, restaurant.
Hotel Blue Bells in Bayswater, London Hotel Blue BellsB&BBayswater
A B&B hotel at 14 Pembridge Square, close to Notting Hill.
K West Hotel in West Kensington, London K West Hotel★★★★West Kensington
A 4-star hotel in Richmond Way, with bar, restaurant, car parking, gym facilities, TVs, sauna, room service, laundry serv... more
Kensington Guest House in Notting Hill, London Kensington Guest HouseB&BNotting Hill
A B&B hotel at 72 Holland Park Avenue. Situated in Kensington, The Kensington Guest House is ideally located within e... more
Kensington Suite Hotel in West Kensington, London Kensington Suite HotelWest Kensington
A hotel in Holland Road, with Wi-Fi, TVs, safe, restaurant, internet access, air conditioning, bar, ensuite bathrooms, ch... more
London Visitors Hotel in West Kensington, London London Visitors HotelB&BWest Kensington
A B&B hotel at 42-44 Holland Road. London Visitors Hotel is located close to London's foremost exhibition centres. Th... more
New Linden Hotel in Bayswater, London New Linden Hotel★★★Bayswater
A 3-star hotel in Leinster Square, with Wi-Fi, ensuite bathrooms. Situated in Bayswater, The New Linden Hotel has 51 room... more
Notting Hill Gate Hotel in Bayswater, London Notting Hill Gate HotelB&BBayswater
A B&B hotel in Bayswater, near Notting Hill.
Notting Hill Hotel in Bayswater, London Notting Hill HotelB&BBayswater
A B&B hotel in Pembridge Square. Situated in the Bayswater area, The Notting Hill Hotel is ideally located within eas... more
Portobello Gold Hotel in Notting Hill, London Portobello Gold HotelNotting Hill
A hotel at 95-97 Portobello Road. Portobello Gold Hotel has 5 rooms and is ideally situated within easy reach of Kensingt... more
Portobello House in North Kensington, London Portobello HouseNorth Kensington
A hotel in Ladbroke Grove, not far from Notting Hill, with bar, restaurant.
Portobello in Notting Hill, London PortobelloNotting Hill
A hotel at 22 Stanley Gardens. The Portobello is ideally situated within easy reach of Kensington Palace, Hyde Park and t... more
Ravna Gora Hotel in Notting Hill, London Ravna Gora Hotel★★★Notting Hill
A 3-star hotel in Holland Park Avenue, with TVs, restaurant. The Ravna Gora Hotel is situated within easy reach of Olympi... more
St. Christopher's Inn in Shepherd's Bush, London St. Christopher's InnHostelShepherd's Bush
A hostel at 13-15 Shepherds Bush Green, close to Notting Hill.
W12 Rooms in Shepherd's Bush, London W12 Rooms★★★Shepherd's Bush
A 3-star hotel in Uxbridge Road, not far from Notting Hill.
Youth Hostel Association in Kensington, London Youth Hostel AssociationHostelKensington
A hostel in Kensington, near Notting Hill.
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