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Camden Lock Hotel in Primrose Hill, London Camden Lock HotelPrimrose Hill
A B&B hotel in Chalk Farm Road, not far from Kentish Town, with car parking, restaurant. Camden Lock Hotel is a bed a... more
Holiday Inn Camden Lock in Primrose Hill, London Holiday Inn Camden LockPrimrose Hill
A 4-star hotel at 28 Jamestown Road, near Kentish Town. It has bar, car parking, TVs, room service, air conditioning, bus... more
Michael's Guest House in Kentish Town, London Michael's Guest HouseKentish Town
A B&B hotel in Grafton Road, with TVs, business facilities.
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Michael Palin: Art on the small screen Listen to globe-trotting Monty Python-star Michael Palin as he talks about his interest in the work of under-appreciated artists.
Four Tet: two nights at Alexandra Palace Four Tet will be taking over Alexandra Palace for two nights in May with a mesmerising display of light and sound
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